Essential Dusty Divot Tips & Tricks for Fortnite Season 4 (Plus How to Get Hop Rocks)

Dusty Depot is gone. In its place is Dusty Divot, a brand new area to Fortnite Season 4 that brings with it an awesome new item: Hop Rocks. This guide will show you where to land, what to explore, and how to get Hop Rocks.

The meteor has landed and Season 4 is finally here! Whether you play Save The World or Battle Royale, Fortnite will never be the same -- and that's a very good thing for players who want to shake up the experience.

As we all know now, Tilted Towers didn't get demolished by the comet, but another locale definitely did: Dusty Depot. And with its destruction, a brand new item has been born -- Hop Rocks. 

This guide will look at Fortnite's newest killing field, Dusty Divot, providing you with some tips and tricks on how to best approach and explore it. And on top of that, we'll also look at Hop Rocks, telling you how to use them, where to use them, and why you should be careful with them. 

Read on to find out how to get the advantage.  

Best Places to Land in Dusty Divot

Dusty Depot is now a gaping crater in the ground called Dusty Divot. Being the newest area in Fortnite, it's obviously one that will be swarming with players as soon as any match starts.

Where to Find Weapons

If you're looking for an early advantage on the weaponry front, land near the two dilapidated barns on the edge of the crater. These structures tend to have plenty to find. These some of the best places for avoiding fire, too, since there's plenty of room to hide behind, under, and above each barn.

Where to Find Loot

You can also sometimes pick up loot spawns at the crashed freight truck off to the side of the barns by the trees. Angle in this direction when you jump if a lot of players are going toward the barns. 

Otherwise, the best loot will be inside the crater in the walled-off section surrounding the meteor, which means either landing in that location directly (which will be filled to the brim with enemies), or grabbing a hop rock to leap over the wall.

How to Get Hop Rocks

Being one of the newest additions in Season 4, Hop Rocks have already become some of the most sought-after items in the game. Why? Because they make you levitate in zero-gravity

However, they aren't items that can go in your inventory. Once you find them in Dusty Divot, they can't be carried to other parts of the map. They can only be used in Dusty Divot.

To pick up a Hop Rock, just run up to one of the dozens in the brown section of the crater and hold the "Pickup" button to activate it.

How Long Does Anti-Gravity Last?

Sadly (or maybe not), these new anti-gravity items last for only 30 seconds. That will give you enough time to hop over the walls around the crash-landed meteor and explore the walled-off science laboratory inside.

Other Uses for Hop Rocks

You could also use a hop rock to get in a good position on the cliffs to the side of Dusty Divot. This is great for sniping, especially if you manage to find a weapon early. Also, be on the lookout for high jumping players, as they are vulnerable in the air.

 Picking up a hop rock and gaining some mighty anti-gravity jumping powers

The interior area of what was once Dusty Depot is a ton of fun to play, easily rivaling Tilted Towers. It has plenty of spots to hide, seek cover, and engage in either wall-building or grenade-throwing to maximum effect.

The brunt of most games are taking place entirely in this area right now, with 50 to 60 players biting the dust in the new area before the storm even gets a chance to shrink.

What's your best Dusty Divot landing and battling strategy in Fortnite Season 4? Let us know how you get your Victory Royales in the comments below, and stay tuned for more Season 4 coverage coming soon.

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Published May. 1st 2018

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