New features, information, and gameplay for No Man's Sky

Hello Games shows the public a bit more of what No Man's Sky has to offer during Sony's E3 Conference.

During Sony's E3 conference, Hello Games showed off a bit more of their upcoming exploration adventure game, No Man's Sky.

The presentation was pretty short, only around six minutes, but definitely made a strong impression.

Hello Games finally demonstrated the mysterious "space battles" that the player can experience while traveling between the different planets. Most of the previous trailers about No Man's Sky focused on the exploration and the beauty of the planets that your character surveys.

There wasn't too much new revealed, but it seems that there are multiple factions in the No Man's Sky universe, and your explorer can "choose sides" when participating in space battles. We also found out that ships can fire both missiles and lasers when in space combat. 

Stay on target and fire those missiles

Hello Games visually demonstrated just how vast the universe in No Man's Sky is, and it was very impressive to say the least.

There also appears to be a form of warping that allows the player to traverse great distances with a press of a button. They also showed off what tools the player has their disposal when exploring planets. The player can scan, not just their surroundings when on-planet but also planet-wide scans while in orbit.

Unknown planets will have beacons, representing points of interest, that are revealed once the planet is scanned.

After arriving on a planet, the demo showed off that the player has a ray gun that can destroy various parts of the landscape and protect the player from any hostile life forms.

There also is a swimming mechanic, which is a huge relief as this suspiciously left out of year's E3 trailer.

Your trusty little ray gun

By the end of their presentation, Hello Games had demonstrated that No Man's Sky has a huge potential for a variety activities and quest that could keep players quite busy.

Sadly, they did not give a release date, nor a release window for the game, but they showed off a list of new possibilities that could make No Man's Sky worth the wait.

What do you think? Do you think No Man's Sky will be worth the wait or might be a promise that Hello Games can't keep? Leave a comment and remember, for all your E3 and video game articles and news stay tuned to


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Published Jun. 17th 2015
  • Victor Ren
    I loved their presentation of the game. It was literally just, hey here's the game, how it plays, and what you can do. No other crap or gimmicks.
  • Autumn Fish
    Featured Correspondent
    I'm so stoked for No Man's Sky! It looks like it's going to be a blast. It almost seems reminiscent of recent survival games without actually having the survival aspect. I can't wait to get my hands on this game and play it! I hope they give us a release date soon!
  • Carmela Pedinni
    Oh yes, me too! I'm pretty sure my PC won't be able to handle it, but I'll even upgrate it to.

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