Gross Scam Tricks Wal-mart into Refunding Over $500 for "New" Games

Suspect gets away with $529 in return money in one day alone!

Michigan State Police are investigating a claim that has been made by Wal-mart in three different cities—Bay City, Saginaw, and Hastings. According to, these scammers are resealing video game boxes to make them look new and are also vomiting on the receipt—or at least telling Wal-mart employees that it's vomit—in order to get away with their scam.

Apparently the suspect is telling Wal-mart employees that the receipt is not readable because it has been vomited on. The service clerk, however, does not inspect the receipt because s/he does not want to be contaminated by it. Yet, they allowed the suspect to return the video games (Masters Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, NCAA Football 14, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Remember Me) for full price. According to the return receipts, the video game returns were made in two stores on August 21. 

The suspect remains unknown; however, the photographs from the incident at Hastings reveal the suspect might be a female and that the suspect to the Bay City and Saginaw store incident might be a male.  The male suspect got away with $529 of return money in one day alone!

Published Sep. 12th 2013
  • Sinisterwyvern
    This would happen to my store all the time when I worked in electronics but after handling so many games we can tell a re seal from a real one. This is why electronics associate here verify electronics returns, not the advice desk alone
  • LookAtMyChicken
    I agree right there that is just racialist.
  • [[Deleted]]
    As much as I hate to admit it... its actually well thought out.

    I mean really, Its not that hard to remove the sticker without damaging it, The newer the game, the easier it is (the longer vinyl sits, the more the adhesive bonds). Then all you need to do is take the disc out, put the sticker back and throw a little heat shrink wrap on it and your average joe wouldn't know the difference.

    And really... if the game is "Sealed"... an employee isn't supposed to open it to check... since once its opened its "unsellable" since opened software can not be returned they can't sell opened boxes.

    I'm assuming a blank or old disc was placed inside so's not to give away a weight difference.

    So... really... despite the reciept, which by law that employee has the right to refuse to touch since its supposedly "contaminated", The employee's health and safety comes first. So I really don't see anyone getting fired over it, I could be wrong but when it comes down to it... even following the protocols in place theirs not much an employee could do to prevent this scam from working, most likely they called the manager and the manager probably just sad "give them the money" because really... is he/she going to want to get within 10 feet of a nasty receipt like that.... nope, and the systems geared to satasfy the customer so you can't say no ... sorry your receipts all f'd were not returning your product.

    I just don't know why so many people have the time to spend thinking of ways to scam big box stores.... I just think theirs more productive things they could be doing with that time.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Sadly, most folks at Wal-Mart could give a rat's patoot about returns since it's such a massive company that they're barely making above minimum. Some time ago, I worked a nation department store chain (a modestly good one) and I was always disheartened by some people's attempts to scam us.

    And forgive me if this sounds a little much, BUT if it wasn't some middle aged white guy do you think they would have still let him?

    If he was some punk looking kid or Hispanic, African-American, etc. do you think the counter person would have been more suspicious?
  • DemonicSkies
    I can honestly say yes, they would. My brother went to return brand new games back to a store (can't remember which) and the female clerk was completely suspicious of him and a huge bitch, kept asking him why he was returning them. Apparently you have to be Caucasian to make a totally legit return without being harassed. Racial profiling FTW.
  • Mech-Phree_1557
    Featured Contributor
    I used to work for Wal-Mart (Well Sam's Club actually) and as a cashier you'd have people come in all the time trying to scam you with returns.
    People would usually steal the product from the store, then come back and try to return it without a receipt, or a receipt for something else. They typically would show up during rush times (this is usually between 2-5 pm) so every one is so busy they are less likely to check credentials.

    The sad thing about it is, even though $500 isn't even a penny to Wal-Mart, most likely the worker who was duped into the scam will get fired/suspended or reprimanded.
  • Ferd_4596
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    People and their dishonesty. I've seen and heard of people doing this for one or two games but now these people are taking it to an extreme. This is really sad actually.
  • Alexa Serrano
    Yea, it's pretty sad :(

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