Summer Games Done Quick's Speedrunning marathon has begun!

Check out Games Done Quick's summer "speedrun" marathon, and donate to support a good cause.

The 2016 edition of Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) started Sunday July 3rd, and lasts until Saturday July 9th. SGDQ is a charity marathon event that streams “speedruns” of popular retro games. All donations made by viewers are given to Doctors Without Borders, and any messages attached with the donations are read aloud on stream.

Along with full donations, the stream also features prizes to donors and other donation incentives that change objectives for the upcoming “speedruns”. Objectives can range from altering the completion percentage to having the runners attempt difficult challenges.

The event is not only online, but is also open for people to attend in person. However, registration for volunteers to “speedrun” are closed. If you are interested in attending the event in person, information can be found on their Attendance Page.

There are a few places to watch the stream: the GDQ Homepage, their Twitch channel, or simply watch down below. You can also follow these links to check out their Prize List or the Games Schedule.

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Published Jul. 3rd 2016

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