Nintendo Delays Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp

Nintendo said the Advance Wars 1+2 delay gives more time to fine tune the experience.

Looks like Black Hole wins this battle. Nintendo of America announced Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Bootcamp is delayed until spring 2022. The remastered collection was originally planned for a December 3 launch, though Nintendo delayed it to allow time for "more fine-tuning."

Nintendo didn't specify when in spring 2022 Advance Wars 1+2 will release or what, specifically, caused the delay.

It is, perhaps, not altogether surprising Advance Wars is delayed, though. We've heard very little about it since Nintendo's surprise reveal during E3 2021 and seen even less.

We still don't even know what's different with Re-Boot Camp, for example. Nintendo describes it as a remake, though what it changes from the original aside from graphics and the overall aesthetic remains a mystery for now.

The Nintendo Switch is far from bereft of games for the holiday season, though. Alongside the recent Metroid Dread release, there's Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining PearlShin Megami Tensei V, and Mario Party Superstars, just to name a few upcoming releases.


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Published Oct. 22nd 2021

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