IGDA Announces Relief Efforts for Devs Impacted by GDC Cancellation

IGDA is working with GameDev.World and Take This on a number of efforts designed to help indie devs in the wake of GDC's cancellation.

The International Game Developers Association has announced a partnership with GameDev.World to provide relief for game developers negatively impacted by the recent Game Developers Conference cancellation.

GameDev.World is hosting a fundraiser event from March 27 through April 3, presenting talks from marginalized developers and event sponsors covering a range of game development topics. GameDev.World also said the funds will help provide a measure of relief for struggling developers who, despite being refunded GDC ticket costs, can't recoup the many other costs involved in attending GDC.

These will be available to anyone across the globe and will help hone expertise and promote continued education, says IGDA executive director Renee Gittins. IGDA is also working with Take This, a leader in mental health in the games industry, to provide resources promoting sustainable development practices.

Gittins said:

We are proud to be a leading voice of the game development community as we come together to aid those in our industry in the pursuit of their dreams.

Both of these partnerships will support game developers around the globe in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers, and should lessen the burdens created by these recent events.

IGDA plans on announcing more details about these partnerships soon, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more GDC cancellation news as it develops.


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Published Feb. 29th 2020

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