The Official Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Launches

Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption 2's official trailer this morning, and we can't wait to have it in our hands!

The closer it gets to the end of the month, the closer Red Dead Redemption 2 becomes a real thing. To send the idea home, Rockstar released the official Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer today where they highlight the main story of the game. 

We find the game's main protagonist Arthur Morgan getting told he only needs to have one more big score before he can leave. Viewers can then see plenty of ways Arthur and the gang can get into trouble, from a train robbery to holding up a bank at gunpoint.

There's a lot left untold by the end, but one thing's for sure -- Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming. You still have until October 26 to pre-order the game for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, which you can do so here

You can also look forward to the game's online presence, though you're going to have to wait until November for it to launch. We cover what you can expect from it here

Excited for the game's guns and combat? Rockstar hinted at the game's massive weaponry and customization options earlier this month, which we covered here

Stick to GameSkinny as we cover Red Dead Redemption 2 later this month and wait to hear our review!

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Published Oct. 18th 2018

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