Super Nintendo World Japan Opens in 2021, More to Come

The Super Nintendo World opening is set for 2021, but Nintendo reportedly plans on adding more areas in the future.

Super Nintendo World, located in Osaka, Japan, is very close to opening. The park will open its gates on February 4, 2021.

Universal Studios Japan made the announcement in a press event Monday, where media could walk through portions of the park and see some of the attractions.

Bowser's Castle literally dominated the experience. Universal constructed a massive castle full of callouts to the Super Mario games, including grand staircases, emblems bearing Bowser's likeness, and a massive statue of the Koopa King himself front and center.

The castle houses Super Nintendo World's Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge AR ride. Guests, equipped with their interactive wristband, don an AR headset, fire the karts up, and race against a fleet of Koopalings with items from Mario Kart to hurl at other racers.

Universal Creative's Executive Producer, Thomas Geraghty, told IGN the experience is different every time because the game has win and lose states. Geraghty also said Super Nintendo World will take proper sanitary and social distancing precautions to promote visitor safety when it opens.

Reporting for Bloomberg, Kurumi Mori said Nintendo and Universal have even more in store. Construction is already underway for the rumored Donkey Kong area adjacent to Super Nintendo World. While plans for this new area are still under wraps, they do reportedly include a mine cart roller coaster attraction.

[Source: IGN, Video Games Chronicle]


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Published Nov. 30th 2020

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