Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Coming to Steam

The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will be hitting PC by Spring 2015, with the first title launching early next month.

Been one of the people that's been holding out to play the entire Final Fantasy XIII trilogy on PC? Well, those wishes have come true as Square Enix confirmed that they're all headed to Steam.

Currently, Final Fantasy XIII is available on Steam for pre-order. The original price is $15.99, but it can be purchased with a 10 percent discount at $14.39. The offer will end on October 9th, when the game is unlocked in the Steam store.

There is no exact date for the other two games -- Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII -- but it's been confirmed that they will be released by Spring 2015. These games will also be available for download on Square Enix's online game store.

A push for Final Fantasy games to Steam?

This (hopefully) will not be the only newer Final Fantasy game that hits Steam. Final Fantasy IV made a surprise release on Wednesday, a port of the Nintendo 3DS edition released in 2008. But those are the older games that have rereleased on so many different consoles. But from Final Fantasy IX on, we haven't seen those titles being tossed out to the public over and over again.

Perhaps those HD re-releases of Final Fantasy X and X-2 are just some of the games that PC gamers can enjoy in the Final Fantasy suite in the near future.

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Published Sep. 18th 2014
  • Chai Chien Liang
    I'm interested in Lightning Returns, XIII however just seems to linear (from reviews and comments that I've read) for me to play through
  • Brian Spaen
    Featured Correspondent
    I enjoyed both XIII and XIII-2, but I got incredibly lost in the story during the second one and never gave the third one a chance. I have seen more reviews favoring the third one.

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