Physics-Based 3D Platformer ClusterTruck Currently in Free Alpha

The upcoming chaotic physic-based first person platformer ClusterTruck currently has an alpha build available for free.

ClusterTruck, an upcoming first-person 3D platformer being developed by Landfall Games, and published by tinyBuild, currently has a free alpha build available for download.

ClusterTruck is a storyless physics-based platformer based solely around jumping across moving trucks in order to get to the end of each level without touching the ground once. The movement and the behavior of the trucks is altered slightly based on where and how you land on them, which creates a system where pattern memorization in order to get to the end of a stage is not an option. This makes the game a fairly unique take on a challenging platformer.

The free alpha build of ClusterTruck can be downloaded from Alpha Beta Gamer, and the game can be wish-listed on Steam as of right now, with a planned release for PC, Mac, and Linux coming soon.  

You can watch a recent trailer for ClusterTruck right here:

Published Sep. 8th 2016

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