5 dweller naming systems for Fallout Shelter

Fun and new ways to name your Fallout Shelter Dwellers

Now that Fallout Shelter has been out for a while, vault Overseers across the wasteland are looking for new, fun ways to mess with their vaults.

There have been social experiments and the like, but another way to spice up your vault is to play one of the many name games to get a glimpse at some funny moments and sometimes even organize their vaults. Or you could just be hoping to be creative and personalize your vault for your own mobile gaming antics.

After other Fallout Characters

While you have the opportunity to uncover special Fallout Shelter characters through cards in lunchboxes, sometimes it's better to just not wait that long. This is especially the case if you want a rare dweller.

Instead, name a few after characters close to your heart and fulfill fanfictions video game style, or name some after the ones that annoyed you to the core and send them off to die in the wasteland. There's no going wrong, here. You write the game.

Name them after friends

We've all done it before: The Sims, Pokémon, and now Dwellers. Nothing can get more hilarious than naming things after friends.

Give them jobs, keep them happy, and then if things go wrong in your vault, laugh at their misfortune. Classic.

Name them after Pokemon

Based on what the dwellers do, name them after different types of Pokémon. Dwellers in water treatment? Squirtle and Foakie. Dining? Torchik and Fennekin. Power? Pikachu and Flaaffy. Assign other production output workers with respective Pokemon types.

Get a lot of dwellers. Catch 'em all.

Alphabetical names

This is a popular one for many games that you can name multiple characters. If you're not familiar, find names that begin with that letter, name the characters with that sort of name.

This can go a variety of different ways, but here are the top ones:

  • Find one male and one female for each letter
  • One person per letter, random
  • One person per letter, alternating genders like they're hurricanes.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. names

As the name might imply, the names are based on stats. If someone has a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat 3 or above, they are prime for that work, and deserve a first name that begins with the letter of their best stat.

This means that everyone that works best in the generator room has "S" names, water treatment dwellers get "P" names, explorers get "E" names, and so on.

The other setup for S.P.E.C.I.A.L. names you could do can apply for any stats. If a dweller says that they enjoy their work assignment, they get a last name based on that name. 

This can change based on the person, but to be simple and uncreative you can do the following: generator rooms are all of the "Powers" family, water treatment dwellers are part of the "Waters" clan, and explorers join Team "Walker."

Now, go experiment with your vault, Overseer. These are just five of endless possibilities of fun things you can do with your dwellers.

Fallout Shelter is currently available for iOS and Android.  

Published Aug. 25th 2015

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