Playstation 4 Error Code e-80411302 Cause And Solution

Solution for error code e-80411302.

For those of you who had issues with PSN not loading and restarted your PS4, you probably got this code. The code along with a "Cannot connect to the internet" message comes up when rebooting your Playstation 4. This code is likely caused by a premature shut down while trying to access the internet.

In order to fix this, PSN suggests power-cycling your router (unplug everything from router and let it sit unplugged for 2 minutes before plugging everything back in). This however is not likely to fix your problem unless you're having legitimate network issues. If you are not having network issues, what you need to do is fully shut down the PS4 through the PS button menu. You must wait for the system to fully shut down.

Here's what the main menu looks like after you're connected.

Once the orange light appears, you're clear to restart the PS4. If you still get the e-80411302 error, try power cycling your router. If both of these options don't fix your issue then leave a comment below and we'll search for the answers together. For the record, mine cleared up after shutting down the system and restarting.

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Published Nov. 18th 2013
  • bubba_3113
    OK so every time I turn the internet on for my ps4 the system shuts down..
  • Sean_1761
    No matter if i unplug the router or fully restart my ps4 i get a cannot connect to network error. I just purchased the sys a couple of months ago and have had more problems with this then ive ever had with my ps3. I am truly not happy and dont understand why i cannot get it to work when im paying for Playstation Plus to me it just as bad as a scam. Im paying to be able to use online services and they arent working... When my ps3 works perfectly fine connected to the same wifi. Any thoughts thank you
  • Facelift _1757
    I tried everything and nothing works!
  • mikeysbrother
    I have the same problem. Tried turning ps4 and router to no avail. Started march, 11th, it is now Saturday. Had no problems prior. :( One of the error codes I receive is NW-31456-9. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Ghost_lord66
    I only get this code when i use my chat but everything else is working fine i dont get it
  • Warrack_6414
    I've tried everything on system is connecting to home network, but not the internet. Everything on the network works (internet) I'm using it right now on iPad. Ssid- connects, Obtains IP address. Internet connection Fail.
  • Bullos250r
    Je suis francais et il m'arrive la meme erreur 80411302 j ai eteint mon routeur
    Mais aucune manette reussi a s allumer et non mes batterie ne sont pas decharger
  • Jagroop
    Restarting with the ps button worked thanks!
  • black problem
    The PlayStation 4 going black while playing DVD or blue ray is fixed my taking the hdmi cable out and putting it back in
  • Odie_3630
    I have to reset to default settlings everytime i power off or go on stand by can i avoid this?
  • Kindra_2474
    I was watching netflix and left it up for about an hour came back and it wouldn't connect so I tried just turning it off n back on but it didn't work so I completely shut the system down and restarted it after a couple mins and it works fine...
  • Jaxont0912
    Ok so what I did guys was shut it down from the ps button and just waited about 10 min and it worked perfectly but i didnt find that out i just did what Gabriel did but I think the blue ray thing is something else i also think if u have this error but it's not blue ray u probably have a new ps4 when u go to network setting try setting it up again and make sure u didnt change something important and recommended do manual so u get every last bit of information on your network setup
  • A Nanton
    My pad doesn't turn on so I can't shut it down properly through the menu
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    likely dead battery, try plugging it in to the console.
  • Rob_2190
    Thanks your suggestion worked but all I had to do was shut my PS4 down!
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
  • Kiser_8752
    Hey if you are still having trouble then just power off your ps4 using the menu that comes up when you hold down the PS button on the controller and when it is fully off just unplug your router and let it sit for a couple minutes and then plug in your router again and when it is fully on just turn on your ps4 and it should work. Works for me everytime. Good luck!
  • Logan_3015
    Awesome, thanks for the post man. I was so scared that I fried my PS4 already. I tried restarting it multiple times before I seen this post, but I think I started my ps4 to quick. I let it sit for 2 minutes and it worked, weird.
  • Kyle Matthews
    Hello, when ever i start a game like Battlefield 4, i am able to play it for some time but once in a while it will say no network connection or give me this error code (e-80411302). Then in a little while it connects right away. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    yours is likely just a bad service provider. Or possible lag. PSN did go down for awhile over the holidays though, so if it was just during the holidays that could be the case.
  • Brad_4567
    My DVDs work fine
  • Ryan Lessey
    Every time I try to watch a blu ray or normal dvd, I am asked to update system software to 1.50 or later(currently 1.06). When I do, error occurred (su-34328-0) is displayed. Kill zone shadow works fine.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    try removing the disc before starting the update.
  • Xjack30
    I powered cycled my router and i did a speed test and it read 45+ MB per second. so i don't think i'm having internet problems. But my ps4 won't connect to the internet for the first time. And i have owned it since it's release date. I keep getting an error code (E-80411302) i don't know what to do. My ps3 is connecting to the internet and the PSN just fine. Can someone help me please.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    did you set up your network connection?
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