Injustice 2 Reveals Black Canary as Playable Character

NetherRealm reveals their newest fighter with the veteran vigilante from Starcity.

Today, NetherRealm studios revealed Black Canary as a playable character for its upcoming game Injustice 2. A new gameplay trailer releases alongside the announcement showcases this metahuman heroine's abilities and powers. 

Fans of the CW show Arrow will recognize this character, and her addition to the game continues to acknowledge the popularity of the DC superhero dramas. Black Canary (aka Laurel Lance) is a vigilante from Starcity who's known to fight street level crime. She is also recognized as one of the best hand-to-hand combatants among heroes. She posses the power to generate ultrasonic vibrations whenever she screams, which can damage both organic and inorganic objects. This is known as the Canary Cry, and it's used as her ultimate move in the teaser trailer. 

In both comics and TV over the years, Black Canary has also served as a mentor to younger heroes. The trailer also makes a nod to that fact, as she speaks to Jamie Reyes aka Blue Beetle.

Fans of fighting games, DC comics, and DC TV/film can look forward to Injustice 2's release this May.


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Published Feb. 2nd 2017

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