Dark Souls II: Forging a Hero Teaser!

Dark Souls II teaser leaves a ton of questions.

Namco Bandai revealed on their official YouTube channel a Dark Souls II teaser. The teaser shows a knight suiting up and speculation hints at the start of a web series. 

The setting is not recognizable and whether or not this is in fact the world of Dark Souls remains unknown. The teaser trailer is mostly comprised of frame skips, showing a figure working his smith, creating gear, hinting at the title "Forging A Hero". This does not seem like a depiction of Lordran from Dark Souls; maybe it is a depiction of one of the many realms in Dark Souls' lore or this could even prove the theory that the game does indeed include time travel and therefore it is Lordran from a different era.

In the YouTube description Namco Bandai put the following.

The Dark Souls universe is taking a surprising new form...
Are you ready to meet...him?

This could mean a number of things, but knowing From Software and how they approach the story of Dark Souls--leaving many things ambiguous and open for speculation--we may never know. Only time will tell.

Published Aug. 14th 2013

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