Remembering the 360: The Must-Have Xbox Exclusives

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Halo 3

And now we come to the "must-have" out of all "must-haves." The epitome of everything Microsoft and Xbox 360. The game that we all know and love — Halo 3. 

The Halo series is arguably Microsoft's most successful video game series. And it makes sense. The setting is amazing, the story is rich, and Master Chief is a total-badass as usual. Halo 3 managed to capture everything we loved about the Halo series and condense it all into one game.

It looked great, it played amazing, and it was fun, both online and offline.

From its memorable multiplayer experiences to its interesting and rich single player storyline, Halo 3 continues to represent everything great the Xbox 360 had to offer. 

The beauty of Halo 3 is that we can all relate to it.

We all have that one game that just made a huge impact on our lives. And to some, Halo 3 is that game. 

Just looking at the picture brings back memories of the better times...

While I did enjoy the single-player experience, playing with online was the big selling point. I remember spending countless hours just messing around in custom lobbies -- connecting with friends and new people, all over some random game. Even now, when I've played more recent and more modern online games, none are able to capture the exact feel and uniqueness present in Halo 3.

Xbox Live servers are still up, and if anything, the multiplayer experience is reason enough to pick it up.

And if it isn't, rest assured that you'll be following Chief in one of the most compelling stories you've experience. It ties in some of the loose questions so perfectly. It's why it's the number one exclusive.

Published Apr. 20th 2016

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