5 Board Games We Can't Wait to Play This Year

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Whether we're waiting for Season 3 of Pandemic Legacy, or trying to scrounge up some money for the hefty price of Kingdom Death: Monster when it's back in stock, or if we just need a break from video games, there are a ton of great board games coming out in 2018. We can't wait to try some of them. 

Let's be honest, you can only play Monopoly with your friends so many times before you're out of friends. 

Whether you're a hardcore gamer who only plays Euro-style games, or a more casual player who wants a few laughs, we've compiled a list of board games which should be able to satisfy most people. Without further adieu, here is our list of five board games (and one bonus video game) we can't wait to try in 2018.

Published Feb. 19th 2018

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