5 reasons Pokemon has been a gaming mainstay for 20 years

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Above all, video games are meant to be just one thing: fun. Fun for everyone."

- Satoru Iwata-san, GDC 2006

The late Satoru Iwata-san was a huge believer of Pokemon, and sacrificed many hours of his life towards furthering the series of video games. During his time at Nintendo, he played a large role in their partnership with the Pokemon Company.

It's no wonder why Iwata-san fell in love with the series as soon as he found it; Pokemon was destined to strike a chord in the hearts of everyone on Earth since the day it was born.

Pokemon Pikachu

Two games that started as a simple "Catch, Trade, Battle," concept have evolved into a megalithic franchise over the past 20 years.

What makes Pokemon such a huge hit when so many others have tried - and failed - to capture the heart of a fun trading game? Click ahead to find out 5 reasons why the Pokemon series has been shredding the charts since 1996!

Published Oct. 14th 2015

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