Let's Talk: Episodic Games - Life is Strange Part 2

Life is Strange is one of the best games around, not for technical aspects, or pushing the boundary of games, or even for amazing writing, but because of how it impacted me. How did it do that?

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Episodic Games: Life is Strange - Part 2

I absolutely love Life is Strange. It's one of the best games I have ever played, but not because the writing, gameplay, or even because of how fun it is; though it is well written, plays very well, and is enjoyable. It's amazing because it made me a complete emotional wreck, made me question if I am 'good' or 'bad', helping or hindering, or just being a selfish whiny immature child. I made friendships, broke some, and fell in love, but along the way I never knew what I was doing; even though I could turn back time. Spoilers for Life is Strange are ahead.

A sad story about how my life got flipped

I've written before about how GTA allowed me to focus my anger, but Life is Strange allowed me to cry. I know that I would be allowed to do these outside of a game, go boxing, or just cry myself to sleep, but there have been so few games I can do this in. Losing Cortana in Halo 4, every time Sully 'dies' or when Elena hated Nate in the Uncharted games, and countless other times, games have made me sad. But never to the level of Life is Strange. It's the only game which has make me full-on cry.

I think the biggest reason why is because of losing my mum. I've always wanted to go back and see her again, to be able to turn back time and save her. Life is Strange gave let me save someone I love. It gave me a choice: pick someone you deeply care about or many people you care a bit about. I chose the latter because I've never liked doing selfish things, especially when they will hurt hundreds, or possibly thousands, of people.

That choice had a far bigger impact on me than I think anyone could have anticipated. It also means that I cared about Chloe, which gives Life is Strange more bonus points. I love that Life is Strange was able to do that, and I hope more games in the future will give such profound experiences, just with other emotions (please). I'm not sure how much more abuse my sensitive spongy insides can take.

Just like in the video, I want to dedicate the end of this piece to thanking Dontnod Entertainment. They created a truly remarkable, outstanding, and all of the other positive adjectives, game. It not only captured my emotions, but also my heart. I'm sure it did the same for many other gamers.

Thank you Dontnod, and to the entire team who worked on it, even the marketing team; which something I say rarely and might be a first. Keep pushing the industry forward, and never give up!

Did Life is Strange capture your heart? Or did it feel too weird for you? Let me know in the below section, which comments can be placed in if you so wish.

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Published Mar. 8th 2016

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