One Piece:Super Grand Battle X Will Have Amiibo Support

One Piece: Super Grand Battle X will be getting Amiibo support. Now, will it be coming to the United States?

Fans of the popular anime, One Piece, and fans of Nintendo will be happy as the 3DS game, One Piece: Super Grand Battle X will be gaining Amiibo support in the future. No word on if this will come to the United States but One Piece has a large following so why wouldn't it? It appears that the Amiibo functionality will go the Mario Kart 8 direction in terms of adding and changing character costumes. It will be interesting to see how each Amiibo figure will interact with the One Piece universe.

It looks like Bandai Namco is on board with Nintendo and the Amiibo since One Piece: Super Grand Battle X isn't the only Bandai Namco game to gain Amiibo functionality. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Plus will be another Namco Bandai game that will support Amiibo figures. Only time will tell if Nintendo decides to have unlockable material unlocked through the Amiibo figures, but that would be a great idea.

It would get more people buying the figures but on the other hand, it would basically give Nintendo a non-free downloadable content service. Some might say they have that now with the Mario Kart DLC and other DLC but this is something that Nintendo doesn't do too often and I feel they don't want this to become the norm with Nintendo games.


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Published Dec. 12th 2014

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