Slightly Impressive? More like, Humor Progressive - WoW Machinima Series Nominee for the Dragon Slayer Award

Slightly Impressive is made a nominee for the Dragon Slayer Award of Best Machinima or Video Series.

World of Warcraft is a large MMO. It's fairly aged, fairly populated, and fairly designed through class and race mechanics and player and world dynamic.

It's Also Fun to Make Fun Of

Slightly Impressive is a video series dedicated to the players of the tried and true MMO that's been around for more than ten years. Its series has critiqued, parodied, and utterly laughed at the world and its players to an outstanding sixty plus episodes. The humor runs the gamut of the tense political intricacies of the various factions, such as an ad campaign citing Horde affiliates and fans to "Vote Sylvanas" (undead girl joints are hot?), to the more pathetic and laughable inside life of Arthas the Lich King and the people who die too much and appear before the Reviving Spirit. Boy, I would not want her job.

Avid WoWers should check this channel out for laughs they will more than likely understand -- or mirror themselves.

Wish them luck on the Dragon Slayer Awards!


Published Aug. 15th 2013

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