Explore the High Seas in the New Black Desert Online Expansion

Korean MMORPG Black Desert Online provides unique experiences with the new Margoria expansion.

Sandbox MMORPG Black Desert Online now allows players to explore the high seas in the just released Margoria expansion. Margoria allows players to build their own ship and scour the oceans for trade and treasure. Guilds can do battle with the new naval combat system to protect their precious trade routes. And other players are not the only threat on these waters -- frightening monsters lurk in the dark abyss, killing anything that trespasses on their domain.

Players seeking a thrill can do battle against these deadly creatures and reap the rewards of victory. More peaceful players can fish and build expansive trade routes to expand their power in this large world. An additional 100 quests have also been added to Black Desert Online to properly showcase these features.

Black Desert Online already distinguished itself from competing MMORPG's through its focus on action combat and parkour. Taking inspiration from both  open-world sandboxes and World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online takes the best from both worlds and creates something fresh. Margoria can now be experienced by all Black Desert Online players for free.

Stay tuned for more news on Black Desert Online.

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Published Jan. 25th 2017

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