Last of Unreleased Street Fighter x Tekken's DLC Hits PC Next Week

Remaining DLC for SFXT to be released on PC at a temporary discount price.

No one does fighting games quite like Capcom. No one has delays for PC content quite like Capcom, either. Street Fighter x Tekken is finally getting the last of its downloadable content on the Steam store on February 6th.

SFXT has been quite controversial in the fighting game community. This controversy has been varied, ranging from its original announcement when fans were expecting it to be a new Darkstalkers game (seriously, Ono, release it now!) to the addition of the gem system to on-disc DLC. This, piled up with a few other Capcom kerfuffles (ask any Megaman fan what they think about Legends 3 being canceled) has kind of hurt their reputation for many hardcore fans (myself included.)

All controversies aside, one cool thing that Capcom is doing with this late DLC release for Street Fighter x Capcom is releasing it for two weeks at 75% off. It will be priced at $19.99 after the sale; it will be $5.00 during it. If you are looking to get this package, do it sooner rather than later to get more hadouken for your buck.

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Published Feb. 4th 2013

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