Doom 64 Brings Hell to Nintendo Switch

The long-requested Doom "sequel" will finally re-emerge from the shadows as an official release on a modern platform.

The resurrection of Doom 64 has been one of the worst-kept secrets of 2019. While other classic games in the franchise were released earlier this summer for every system under the sun, ratings boards the world over have leaked the impending news of 64's second coming twice this year. 

In a moment every Doom fan knew would eventually arrive, the long-awaited port was officially revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct by Pete Hines, SVP of Global Marketing at Bethesda.

The game will release on November 22 for the Nintendo Switch, and it includes more than 30 levels. While those are most likely the original's 32 nightmarish stages, an exact number of levels was not confirmed. 

There is currently no word if the port will release on other platforms, such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. 

On September 3, Doom 64 was rated by the Australian Classification Board, leading many to believe a reveal was imminent. As reported by multiple outlets, the game was unsurprisingly rated "M" by the ratings bureau. 

Earlier this year, the port was also rated by PEGI, the European equivalent of the ESRB, for the PS4 and PC. However, unlike the ACB classification, that rating was quickly pulled. As of this writing, Doom 64 is not on the PEGI website despite the latest news. 

Developed by Midway, Doom 64 was originally released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. The game is technically a sequel to the original Doom games developed by id, with its plot taking place after the events of Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom

Although the fan-made Doom 64 EX project faithfully recreated the game for some on PC, Doom 64 has never been officially released on another video game system or platform. 

As this year marks the 25th anniversary of the franchise, it's fitting that Doom 64 get its due, even if some fans consider the Brutal Doom 64 PC mod to be a superior experience. 

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Published Oct. 22nd 2019

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