Total War Saga: Troy Guide — Best Heroes Tier List

Choose the best hero unit for your next war campaign in Total War Saga: Troy using this best heroes tier list.

Total War Saga: Troy is the latest game in the Total War strategy series.  As the name suggests, it takes place during the Trojan War of the Bronze Age. There are eight starting hero units in the game, and they define your playstyle, starting mission, and units types.

To help you decide which hero units may best fit your playstyle, this guide will cover all of the heroes from best to worst. 

S-Tier Heroes


  • Class: Fighter
  • Faction: Pthia

Achilles is not only the most famous character of the Trojan War, but he is also the most powerful fighter in Total War Troy. He has access to the largest number of unique units, which makes him perfect for aggressive and uncompromising players.

Flanking is the primary strategy here. Send in your Thessalian Marines, Aeginian Runners, and Pelagic Thessalians to attack an enemy army's flanks from both sides, and keep your own flanks protected with the help of Myrmidon Swordsmen and Spear-fighting Myrmidon units.

Achilles also has access to Aeginian Javelinmen, but these should only play a supporting role as light infantry.


  • Class: Warrior
  • Faction: Dardania

Aeneas is the only hero in Total War Troy that is as powerful as Achilles. However, while Achilles has six unique unit types, Aeneas only has four unique unit types. 

His units mostly consist of light infantry and some Dardanian Defenders. His strongest units are Dardanian Rabble and Dardanian Chargers, which can take enemy troops head-on.

Aeneas also has access to Fearless Swordsmen, which use missile weapons. They are perfect for a powerful flanking attack. 

A-Tier Heroes


  • Class: Defender
  • Faction: Trojans

If you're a slower, more deliberate player, building your army and gearing them up over time, then Hector is the best choice for you.

The main strategy here is the total opposite of the previous two heroes. Instead of attacking head-one or from the flanks, you allow your enemies to attack first and grind them down in a long and slow battle of patience.

His best units are Hector's Chosen, which are excellent fighters completely immune to flanking. His other two units  Champions of Troy and Guards of Troy  carry heavy spears and shields, mainly playing defensive roles.


  • Class: Archer
  • Faction: Trojans

Some players choose to fight their wars from a distance, relying on ranged unit to win battles. For those players, Paris is a great fit as he has specialized ranged units.

The best strategy when using Paris is to combine ranged attackers, such as Trojan Princes, which are the best archer units in the game, with Champions of Troy, which are excellent defensive units.

The other two types of archer units  Trojan Nobles and Trojan Chariots should be used for flexible tactics, since they can move freely around the battlefield.

B-Tier Heroes


  • Class: Warlord
  • Faction: Mycenae

Agamemnon is one of the most balanced heroes in Total War Troy. Unfortunately, he also has one of the biggest downsides of any hero: he can't recruit fighters. 

However, Agamemnon does have access to heavy infantry, ranged units, and chariots. Agamemnon’s Guards and Agamemnon’s Companions, which carry spears and heavy axes, are two of his best units.


  • Class: Defender
  • Faction: Sparta

Menelaus has no access to archers, but he can recruit slingers, who are very good at pre-emptive strikes. The rest of his units are quite similar to Agamemnon's, except for his ranged units.

Heroic Axe Warriors and Light Spear Runners can be used for a variety of tactics, both defensive and offensive. However, Axe Champions are the best of Menelaus' heavy units due to their armor-piercing two-handed axes.


  • Class: Archer
  • Faction: Ithaca

Odysseus can be an excellent choice for players who enjoy stealth and mobile units. His Midnight Runners are truly unique as they can stalk enemy units and assassinate them with their two-handed spears.

On top of that, they have access to special missile weapons, which can also be used for conquering enemy flanks.


  • Class: Warlord
  • Faction: Lycia

Sarpedon is another hero with fast and mobile troops that can move around the battlefield, successfully flanking enemy units.

Lycian Champions and Lycian Winged Chariot units combine light troops with heavily armored troops that carry two-handed axes.

Companions of Sarpedon units have a special ability that causes terror in enemy troops, which can help you win in dire situations.

That's all you need to know about the best heroes in Total War Troy. Now you'll be able to choose the best hero for you and dominate your enemies! 


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Published Aug. 21st 2020

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