First Gay Mortal Kombat Character is Newcomer Kung Jin

Netherrealm Cinematic Director confirms new kombatant, Kung Jin is gay.

Kung Jin, one of the new kombatants  in Mortal Kombat X, may be bringing a new concept to the series as well: acceptance. That's right, Kung Jin is Mortal Kombat's first homosexual fighter. 

According to Gay Star News, there are two pieces of evidence to support this claim. One is the video featured here (7:30) in which Kung Jin refuses to go to the Wu Shi Academy and train with the Shaolin monks in fear that they won't accept him. Raiden outs the warrior by insisting that: 

They care only about what is in your heart, not whom your heart desires.

Awwww. How accepting of the Shaolin! Of course this alone isn't conclusive evidence that Kung Jin is gay. It only became certain after Netherrealm Studios' cinematic director posted the following tweet to confirm fan speculation.

We're glad you put it in there, Netherrealm!

Mortal Kombat X is available now for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Published Apr. 19th 2015

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