Gamestop's After Christmas Sale - Put That Gift Card To Use!

Gamestop has some pretty decent Winter Savings. Might want to burn through that Christmas money and gift cards while you can.

Brace Yourself, Winter Sales Are Coming!

So Christmas has come and passed, and if you are like me, you got a few gift cards; especially to Gamestop, because people know you. So, from December 26th to the 29th, GameStop is having an after Christmas sale. Let us take a journey to find out how far those spiffy little cards will take you. 

The Games:

  •  Call of Duty: Ghosts - $10 Off
  • Battlefield 4 - $10 Off
  • Madden 25 - $10 Off
  • FIFA 14 - $10 Off
  • Need for Speed: Rivals - $10 Off
  • NBA Live 14 - $10 Off
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts - $50
  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag - $40
  • Gran Turismo 6 (PS3) - $40
  • Tearaway (PSVita) - $20
  • Disney Planes (Wii U/3DS) - $15

Good line up of games to put those consoles to use, if you ask me. But what about those lovely accessories that help make that gaming experience a better one? They got you covered in that area too. 

The Accessories:

  • Playstation Pulse Elite Headset - $130
  • Turtle Beach X32 Wireless Headset - $80
  • Tritton AX 720 Headset - $130
  • 16 GB PSVita Memory Card - $20
  • Skylanders: SWAP Force Mini Show and Go case - $10

As far as actual consoles go, the discounts are not all that amazing, but still not too shabby. But still, if you are in the market, it might be the time to try to grab one; though they will have a limited amount of PS4s and Xbox Ones, so I would check with them before you try to snab one as they are going out of stock pretty fast.

The Consoles:

  • PS3 Slim - $25 Off
  • Xbox 360 Slim - $25 Off
  • You can also grab a PSVita - $130 dollars
  • Limited Amount of PS4 & Xbox Ones

The bottom line is that now might just be the time for a trip to your local mall to burn through some of those gift cards--or if you are trying to grab a good deal with some of that Christmas money you got from Grandma. 


Marco Bishop... a man? A Legend? No just a man. Who happens to be a father, and freelance writer. His focus? Gaming with Children from the perspective of a Dad. Also anything that he thinks is spiffy and filled with awesome sauce. He is based in El Paso, Texas.

Published Dec. 27th 2013
  • Samuel Franklin
    Featured Contributor
    Nothing can compare to Digital sales that GOG/Steam are having but these are actually fairly decent sales for a brick and mortar retailer.

    Going to convince all my family to get me Steam Wallet codes instead of retail store vouchers next year!
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    Nice writeup. =) Makes me glad I also play on PC. lol
  • Marco.Bishop
    Thanks and I agree nothing can compare to Steam's Winter Sale.

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