Top 5 Horror Games that Don't Depend on Jumpscares

5. Silent Hill 2 

Creepy atmosphere, darkened buildings, foggy streets and nightmarish monstrosities. Welcome to Silent Hill! Though the franchise has seen better days, Silent Hill 2 is still a classic for many, many horror fans.

Saying Silent Hill 2 is haunting is a bit of an understatement: This title is especially unnerving because it follows a forlorn protagonist who journeys to Silent Hill to find his dead wife -- who visits him and brings him to this Hellscape. Needless to say, he encounters things from peoples' worst nightmares. Oh, and how can anyone forget about Pyramid Head? Hands down one of the most fear-inducing enemies from any game -- regardless of genre. 

I mean, just take a look at him! 

(Credit: K1ngofOldSkool)

Published Nov. 21st 2016

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