Capcom Set to Announce 13 New Games

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Capcom Event Predictions:

On August 1, Capcom is announcing 13 new games ranging from smartphone titles to Social games to next-gen titles as part of its streaming "Network Game Conference". This GAF thread has extracted and translated details from the post, confirming that updates to both Monster Hunter Frontier G and Onimusha Soul will be discussed during the event. But there are still 11 other games that could come out from this event so why not share some predictions.

Published Jul. 23rd 2013
  • Critley Lynn King
    You have no idea how much I wish they would make another Okami sequel. I absolutely loved the artwork off the first title, and right now I'm working on Okamiden. This story still has places to go and I'm pretty sure I could continue staring at those watercolor style graphics for a few more hours.
  • Saad_7101
    New Dante And DMC sucks!I want old Dante.
  • vegna871
    Featured Correspondent
    I would absolutely kill for a new Megaman title. I'm also all for a followup to DmC. And I'm sorta really hoping for a US release date for Monster Hunter 4.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I am not interested in any of these games >.>

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