Capcom Set to Announce 13 New Games

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Capcom Event Predictions:

On August 1, Capcom is announcing 13 new games ranging from smartphone titles to Social games to next-gen titles as part of its streaming "Network Game Conference". This GAF thread has extracted and translated details from the post, confirming that updates to both Monster Hunter Frontier G and Onimusha Soul will be discussed during the event. But there are still 11 other games that could come out from this event so why not share some predictions.

Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe is highly unlikely but one can dream right? Viewtiful Joe is one one of the most vibrant colorful games of last gen in my opinion. With the next gen technology looking absolutely amazing, we should put that graphical power to a game like Viewtiful Joe. a bright side scrolling action movie on steroids might be the kick in the pants we need from all these serious games.



In correlation with Viewtiful Joe, Okami is another visually impressive game from Capcom. with a DS sequel and a HD remake, Capcom still has a spot in their heart for Okami. Best described as the only game to "out Zelda, Zelda" Okami is another franchise that could use a next gen lift or even a Vita port.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is most definitely in the works. Regardless of the sales and reception of RE6, Resident Evil is practically a cash cow for Capcom. If 7 isn't in the works, You can bet that there is a spin off of sorts being made. Heck this event is set to announce some mobile and Social Games, why not have this massive zombie franchise available on Facebook.

Devil May Cry

As a huge fan of the Ninja Theory remake, I would love nothing more than for this new DmC series to continue. Limbo was a beautiful world, and the character models were amazing. Now I'm not expecting a full fledged trailer or anything but even if its a logo I would be very happy.

Mega Man X

Megaman has been treated very poorly on behalf of Capcom. They made him out to be a comical character in Street Fighter X Tekken. Megaman has had numerous delays and out right cancellations. Yet Capcom still tries to give him life, so that counts for something right? Megaman is still a mainstay in gaming culture he just needs his comeback game.

Dino Crisis

Turok ain't got nothing on Dino Crisis. I have memories as a kid being afraid of Jurassic Park and this game is the cause for that (I didn't see Jurassic Park until I played this game) a true survival horror game on a different level than zombies and necromorphs. Probability of this is highly unlikely but it would make for an amazing surprise.

That's all for my on what Capcom may announce. What games do you hope to see from Capcom at their event? 

Published Jul. 23rd 2013


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