Which Pokemon May Be Switched to Fairy Type in Pokemon X and Y?

Pokemon X and Y will be introducing Fairy types to the series. Which older Pokemon may get a type makeover?

With the new Fairy Pokemon type being revealed, one has to wonder what older Pokemon will either be changed to Fairy type or will have it added to their base type. Below are a few Pokemon I feel would fit the type, and why.

Do note that I am using information from the games' Pokedex entries and not referencing the anime. What happens in the anime and movies doesn't necessarily pertain to the attributes of Pokemon in-game (See: Ash's Pikachu being so imba).

Most of the Pokemon below first made their appearance within the first three generations of games. Later games in the series cut down on the more fantasy or supernatural Pokedex entries, and some that could potentially be Fairy Pokemon already have two types. Celebi is included in this list despite currently being of two types, which I explain below.

All images and Pokedex information have been taken from Pokemon Database. I am no Pokemon expert nor do I have any special information that you don't. This is simple speculation, and it's certainly less confusing than whatever's going on with Mewtwo.

Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable

These three are perhaps the most fitting of the new Fairy type. Even if you ignore their names, their species is specifically listed as "Fairy Pokemon" and the Pokedex entries between them mention at least one of these peace-colored bundles of cute have been seen bounce-walking on water, appearing to be flying, collecting moonlight with their wings, and riding on shooting stars.

Igglybuff, Jifflypuff, and Wigglytuff

Though their Pokedex entries don't mention much in the way of being mystical creatures, these three also seem to be prime candidates for the Fairy type. Igglybuff with its marshmallow body, Jigglypuff with its amazing vocal abilities, and Wigglytuff's legendary softness may point to these Pokemon having some Fairy in them. [Edit: Jigglypuff has been confirmed!]

Vulpix and Ninetails

These two are not the most obvious Pokemon to be prime Fairy type candidates, and Vulpix may not be one at all. However, since Ninetails evolves from Vulpix I have paired them together. Ninetails is very explicitly described as a supernatural, magical creature in his Pokedex entries. He is based off the Japanese nine-tailed fox of legend.

Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey


Though none of these Pokemon have what may be described as "magical powers" in the Pokedex, Chansey and Blissey's eggs both have healing properties. Blissey is also capable of sensing a person's sadness from "however far they may be".

Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime

The evidence that these two could possibly be Fairy Pokemon is fairly slim, but you have to wonder how a whole species of Pokemon is capable of looking and acting like humans. Though there are certainly other Pokemon that look humanoid, no other can imitate humans so well. What's more is Mr. Mime is capable of creating invisible walls, though whether this is by mind trickery or being able to vibrate its fingertips varies from one series entry to another.

Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss

Perhaps the second most obvious line of Pokemon to be Fairy types, just a tiny bit behind Clefable and friends. All three of these Pokemon are said to bring good luck and happiness, with Togetic even being a Happiness species Pokemon. Togekiss only makes himself known in peaceful regions, spreading kindness wherever he goes.


Celebi holds the power to travel time, and will only make itself known in peaceful times. He also seems to be able to positively affect the growth of plantlife, and has an affinity for lush forests. The only thing that holds this little legendary from being a sure Fairy type is the fact that it already has two types. Would Grass be replaced for Fairy?

Snubbull and Granbull

It's easy to forget these two, but they are both already considered to be of the Fairy species. Their Pokedex entries do not point to that being the case, however.


Whether you find this Luvdisc to be useless or not, she certainly does have the makings of a Fairy type Pokemon. Luvdisc is reportedly capable of bringing eternal love to those who find it, and it is of the unique Rendezvous species.

Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf

These three are said to hatch from the same egg, and to have given humans the birth of knowledge, emotion, and willpower respectively. This on its own is enough to validate these powerful Pokemon to be Fairy types, but their power may just be too much to justify as such for the time being.


Audino is notable because of its hyper-sensitive hearing, which is strong enough to serve as a sort of radar around the Pokemon's immediate area. This in itself isn't proving, but Audino's ability to use its feelers to tell how a person is feeling or whether an egg is close to hatching or not may point to this Hearing Pokemon getting an injection of Fairy type. Its look certainly does fit the part. [Thanks to commenter pierce_2648 for the reminder!]


Cresselia is one of the few Pokemon that almost certainly look like they fit into the Fairy type. Aside from the aurora on her back and her looks, Cresselia's feathers are said to bring anyone holding one pleasant dreams. This Pokemon's connection with the moon may also be telling, as her feathers and head shape are meant to represent a crescent moon. [Thanks to commenter zapdos_2612 for picking this up!]

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are some other currently available Pokemon that may end of being Fairy types, but the evidence to back those up is even thinner than that you read here.

Confirmed Fairy Pokemon

A few Fairy types have been confirmed recently on the North American Pokemon website. This list will be updated as more information comes to light.


Are there any you feel are particularly prime to become Fairy Pokemon? Feel like any of the above don't fit? Leave a comment below!

Published Apr. 26th 2013
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  • mason.hausch
  • Sarah_9451
    I'm thinking Skitty and Delcatty would be good candidates too.
  • Anchela
    Mr. mime is a fairy type, and there is something that looks like a tiny Raichu (Dedenne) that is electric/fairy. Luvdisc isn't a fairy type. Probably many that know already, but ... yeah
  • george_7696
    what about jirachi
  • FAGGOT_1697
  • PokeFriend
    Will Pikachu be a fairy type? http://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&ns=1&video_id=IrBVZ6dOc_g
  • Caleb_4457
    Mawile is a confirmed fairy but I doubt any dual type Pokemon will be changed to fairy.
  • raluca_1980
    Mawile was confirmed to be fairy
  • wombat_5733
    and should absol have an evolution?

    if so what type fairy or sound
  • wombat_5733
    what about sound and light evolutions for evee
  • Jose M_9363
    Lylligant should be a fairy type pokemon.
  • Axelaziken
    A few possible Fairy-types I think would fit (that aren't already listed in this) would be:
    Mawile (I don't know why)
    and so on. Most of these probably aren't logical.
  • Fighter1st
    I think that fairy type looks that it would be some kind of evolution of psyhic. I'd like to see gardevoir and cleafairy for this type.
  • PaperRaccoon
    My best geuss is bellossom because she she loses her poison type when she evolves from gloom and looks like a good fairy type!
  • Marissa_7295
    I'm thinking that latios and latias psychic type will be replaced with fairy becaus of their looks and abiliy to become invisible and change their appearance. And i think celebis psychic type will become fairy. Not to mention one of jirachis types as jirachi sleeps for a thousand years and can grant wishes and gets its power from the millennium comet.
  • Rikue_2821
    Volbeat and Illumise for sure. Also Petlil and Lilligant.
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • ghostpoisonice
    Personally, I think that Misdreavus/Mismagius would be perfect as sort of a good-fairy-gone-bad. lol. Ledyba/Ledian totally need a boost (as well as a boost in stats). I was also thinking that Hopip/Skiploom/Jumpluff would be very good candidates for the fairy type, mostly because they are flying types that can't learn fly (which sux) and theyre 2x weak to ice. those three pokefamilies would be amazing!!!!!! However, I was hoping for the rumored sound type, people were saying Yveltal would be a dragon/sound type and I was kinda hoping for it...oh well tho... I thought Whismur/Loudred/Exploud, Chingling/Chimecho, Chatot, Audino, Kricketot/Kricketune and this new pokemon, Noivern would all be awesome sound types.
  • Draven_5717
    no not our legendary they never changed types befor
  • Drunk dunsparce
    DUNSPARCE. Also want an awesome evolution for him.
  • Fairynough
    Celebi, Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss already have their 2 types so they will not be fairy. Doubt Vulpix and Ninetales, more likely that Fennekin will evolve into Fire/Fairy in a foxy case.
  • Nileonfus
    What about Skitty and Delcatty? You have to use a moon stone to evolve them, which is a bit odd I suppose?
  • Angry Potatoes
    Also, Jirachi totally fits the bill of a fairy-type, though i can't see them changing the admittedly already-awesome typing of this well-loved legendary. The same goes for Celebi.
  • Angry Potatoes
    I've heard tell that Mawile may be steel/fairy type, and while i myself dont see why this would be, i also cant say i would be disappointed if this were true, as Mawile has fallen into the realms of the useless and forgotten, and maybe giving it a new type (or at least a freaking evolution) may give it a new lease on life.
  • NobodyInParticular
    I really hope Ampharos is made into a Fairy type, it no longer resembles a sheep by that point and seems pretty fae
  • the man_4119
    gay(no ofense), im disapointed with you nintendo
  • crazyguy_7338
    Fairy type?im really disapointed with nintendo, why another type? this is almost as stupid as the news pokemons appearance, seriusly, i think this is kind barbie, disney or something like this(no ofense), pokemon is screwed
  • Mariya Pott
    Vulpix and Ninetails do not fit. At all.
  • Pokemon Fan
    I think cherub/cherrim would be a good grass/fairy type. It would make them more useful in battle at least.

    Also, Jirachi. I think someone else said that though.
  • mattness_9921
    sylveon is also a fairy type
    I honestly don't mind that dragon types are getting another weakness, but i really think they should mention whether or not electric types will, i mean come one, it only has ground types.

    Also, i reckon there will be plenty of grass, bug and water types who will have a fairy type pairing, partly because they are kind of weak to dragon and also because they look like it. For example mantyke or, as suggested before, ledian.
  • Matt_6094
    I know this is just speculation, but you didn't really explain celebi that well. His psychic typing already covers his "supernatural" abilities, like making plants grow really fast.....not sure why grass would be replaced, as if he were even considered to be fairy they would probably do away with psychic (which would actually benefit celebi immensely imo).
    The only two I personally agree with are snubbul and togepi. Snubbul is obvious, and togepi needs to be separated from being one of many normal/flying pokemon....plus he really does "fit the bill".

    A pokemon you skipped that will most definetly be fairy type is arceus. Not his original type of course, but i'm pretty confident they will be putting in a "fairy plate" for him.
  • Abaddamn
    Does anyone have confirmed knowledge of what Fairy types are super effective/immune to?

    Also weaknesses?
  • bluebluebird
    I think you are mixing up something. If Celebi become fairy, psychic should be dropped instead of grass.
  • PokeCraftKid1024
    I think Ditto and Mew fit the Fairy Type. Ditto because it can transform into any PKMN, and Mew because it both can learn ANY move and looks like a fairy!
  • danol99
    you guys know that fairy type does not have to be a fairy
    with 'fairy' they mean like a magical creature of happienes a legend you know
    thats way ninetails could be a fairy type
  • Ludan_2330
    I think Marill might get an alternate evolution...it's certainly a possibility.
  • Zactastical
    Illumise? Why does noone suggest Illumise!?
  • sunshine_8981
    I also though of Misdreavous/Mismagious being Ghost/fairy. Or alternate evo for Misdreavous. Mew could also be fairy. Mewtwo being Psychic. Mewthree being Psychic/Fairy. That would make Mewthree so much more fitting for it's design, late appearance and an opportunity to be the ultimate Mew. Butterfree or alternate evo for metapod could be bug/fairy.
  • Ironglace
    ha! GAAAAAYYYY!!!!
  • xxAwesomeLucyxx
    I have a feeling that many of the pokemon that are evolved with a Moon Stone will end up becoming Fairy Types. Clefairy and Jigglypuff share this characteristic, and I dunno about you, but I think about the moon and the night sky when I think fairies. Skitty and Munna also evolve with a moon stone, and I could see them becoming fairy types; this will also help make the change more even throughout the generations.

    However, Nidorino and Nidorina evolve with a moon stone, and I can't really see that working out.

    Really, anything associated with magic, the moon, the night, or just look kinda fairy-like could end up being this new type. But we also have to remember that fairies don't have to be "good" or whatever, like pixies or something. There are still malevolent creatures that are called fairies or fae in different cultures. So we might see fairy types that don't fit our culture's idea, but do for others.
  • Robert Williams
    i think mew and mewtwo should be considered fairy type pokemon and mewtwo should even be considered dark type because he was always considered evil ijs ......eevee shoulfinately be considered fairy or so i thought but then slyveon is already a fairy type pokemon .....charizard should just be a dragon and fire type for the simple fact that he is a favorite original and his traits define the meaning of dragon or even better he should have an evolved form to him that can be dragon type the original charizard isnt as strong as he should have been.....and eevee should be given a dragon type evolution i mean come on he has everything else....fairy should have been the weak point to dark types instead of fighting it just makes since and dark type moves should have been the weakness of dragon just to even things out instead of fairy i mean fairy really its just going to blow my mind to see a dragonite be beaten by a damn jigglypuff
  • Umbreon_2678
    i hope belossom is fairy,
  • Gamec9
    I think some potential legendary candidates could have or would have been fairy type if not for two reasons; firstly they're legendaries and I honestly can't see them actually changing the type of a legendary, so trivially changing the metagame, and secondly because of their dual typing.
    Besides mesprit, uxie and azelf and Celebi, I could have seen Shaymin, Jirachi, Celebi, Manaphy, Victini or even Mew as fairy types. I REALLY doubt they're going to give Mew a new type though. And they can't really do anything with the dual type pokemon. The togepi line's the perfect image of a fairy type but since they're already normal and flying, I think we can say goodbye to normal. The pikachu line sort of being a parallel to the Marill, Clefairy and Jigglypuff lines, I think it could have been possible that they'd be fairies, if not for one glaringly obvious problem: Pikachu as a marketing mascot has been used since day one, so it would have been the first pokemon on the primary list. So there's that. I thought of Latios and Latias, but again, they're already two types.
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • MrGuy_2170
    Well, there IS an egg group called Fairy... I'm suspecting at least ONE of them will be fairy type. Celebi, I think, would be Fairy/Grass. Psychic/Fairy seems a little redundant to me, considering similar qualities I sense between them. Same goes for Jirachi (Steel/Fairy), which is another Pokémon I'd like to see being a Fairy type. My only issue about the Fairy type is how they're going to balance it out. From what I've heard from PokéBeach, Fairy seems a little overpowered.
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • jesse.down
    I am a bit unsure where they got Marill being a fairy type. I just don't see it fitting.However, I personally do like that Gardevoir is going to be fairy, mainly because it seemed over-pwered by it's alternate evolution, Gallade.

    I do not think that Fairy types necessarily need to be cute, or adorable. I am sure one or two will surprise you.

    I do think Ledian would be a good fairy type. I agree it needs a little boost, and I think it fits the part perfectly.

    Personally I think Elgyem and Beeheeyem would make good Fairy types. It can manipulate an opponent's memory, which to me sounds like something a fairy can do.

    I think a cool idea would be to make Gorebyss a fairy type, and Huntail a dragon type, which I know won't happen but cool none-the-less.

    And finally I don't think the addition of a new type will be too bad. They really did need to even out Dragon types a little and adding a new type seems like the only way to do that, since they are only weak against other Dragons, and Ice currently, both of which are pretty hard to obtain.
  • eggeggeggegg
    Celebi is definitely going to be part Fairy-type, however, it's not going to lose it's Grass-typing. It looks way too earthy to not be a grass type. It's probably going to end up being Fairy/Grass which I wouldn't mind one bit!
  • willynelson_9524
    Marill? REALLY?!

    I really don't understand some of these decisions. What qualifies a pokemon as Fairy? Looking kind of gay and friendly? Not saying I'm against a new type (anything to make Dragon less powerful) I just don't understand these decisions.
  • Dan-e boi
    What about Ledian? It flies around collecting starlight just like legendary fairies do! And it's so adorable it's just a shame to see it having that 4X weakness to rock that holds it down so much. It would function so much better being a Bug/Fairy. And also Stantler because it's adorable
  • Audio_9205
    Deoxys maybe
    Don't forget Arceus-Fairy
    Mew perhaps, and i would definitely think that the new mewtwo form will be secondary fairy typing
    I feel as if many ubers need to get the fairy type to balance out the Uber Tiers filled with Dragons
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • Zorupix
    I hope that with Gardevoir getting a new typing it also gets an overhaul in it's egg grouping. The current Egg group it belongs to, the Ralts line clearly doesn't belong in. I'd be happy if the Ralts line gets turned over into Human-type and Fairy Egg Groups.
  • Syd_3767
    Froakie's evolutions are a possibility with a water/fairy type. Froakie just looks like that bubbly type of fairy pokemon.
    Maybe Skitty/Delcaty because they are similar to Sylveon.
    Chimecho looks kind of fairy-like.
    Also Girafarig. He is really neglected as a pokemon at this point. Perhaps a type change would be in order?

    Sort of unrelated, but if Milotic becomes Water/Fairy, maybe Gyarados gets the long awaited Water/dragon type change to counter??

    Last edited 3 years ago
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    I can't personally see Froakie being a Fairy Pokemon, simply because of how Game Freak have handled starters in the past. Their primary types are always the same, and in the rare case of veering from single-type starter evolutions, those secondary types are usually conservative.

    Skitty/Delcatty and Chimecho do look the part, but there isn't really anything in their Pokedex entries that might point to them being Fairy Pokemon. I really wanted to add Chimecho to this list when I wrote it initially, but unfortunately there isn't enough to back up its addition.

    Girafarig would almost be a sort of charity case, considering he's been so neglected. It would be nice if he got some love, one way or the other.

    The Milotic thing, in my opinion, seems fairly likely based on looks but kind of iffy based on Pokedex entries. The Gyarados thing would be very nice, though. Been too long.

    Can't agree on Dunsparce, because a Dunsparce is a Dunsparce is a Dunsparce.
  • Pollo_2818
    Manaphy for sure will be one
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    I'd actually thought about Manaphy initially for this list, but pushed him aside because of the old "legendaries only having one type" rule (which hasn't been a thing for a while). Then, forgetting, I turned around and added Celebi and Uxie and them.

    You make a good point, though, because Manaphy's Pokedex entries do imply it could be a could candidate for Fairy type. Specifically, its ability to bond with other Pokemon. Thanks for the reminder! I will be adding Manaphy shortly.
  • Brokem0n
    People, you're forgetting something! What's the most important part of types in Pokemon? Weaknesses and resistances? Can we know anything about that?
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    All we know for now, if the information on Poke Beach is correct, is that Fairy will be immune to Dragon. We should know more later, as the Pokemon conference is meant to start in about 30 minutes!
  • Davit_4429
    I hope Mawile will be a fairy type and like roselia gets 2 evolution/prevo
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    I've heard Mawile may be made into a Fairy type, but we don't have any confirmation on that one yet.
  • zapdos_2612
    How about Cresselia?
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    Maybe! Considering Cresselia's look and Pokedex entries, she does fit the bill fairly well. Will be adding her to the list along with Audino shortly. Thanks for your input!
  • pierce_2648
    Audino must be also considered
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    See, I thought about that when I made this list a couple of months ago and I don't remember why I decided to skip Audino over. It's definitely a good candidate. I'll end up adding him later after today's Pokemon conference. Thanks for the reminder.
  • TAnBun
    Sylveon, Azumarrill, gardevoir and another one are revealed Fairy
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    Yeah, I saw that earlier. Getting ready to add them in a few minutes. Thanks for the heads up, though. :)
  • Kathy Balla
    ami the only one who thinks that this type isn't fitting to any of the pokemon that already exist?even the new evolution of eevee isn't fitting well...
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    I prefer it staying simple and don't feel the series needs a new type at all, but but Nintendo will do what they do I guess.
  • Kathy Balla
    well if the series follow the games' concept i guess they will adopt the fairy type, too.
    eatherway,it is just wrong...
  • Venusaurchamp
    I'd mhave to say that Jirachi may be a plausible pokemon for the fairy type. Possibly also mew. Smoochum and Jynx are also said tbe good candidates.
  • Andrea_5464
    Fairy type hasn't been confirmed yet.

    Don't disillusion people by posting supposedly 'true' facts which are, in reality, untrue or unconfirmed.
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    Yes, it has. http://www.pokemonxy.com/en-us/whats_new/fairy_type/
  • Niad
    Milotic and Alomomola would also be good candidates for the reclassification.
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    Misdreavus and Mismagius could possibly be Ghost/Fairy types, particualrly Mismagius given its clear 'magic' aesthetic. Latios and Latias could also potentially qualify.
  • Ashley SSS
    Associate Editor
    See, the problem with Misdreavus and Mismagius is they are Ghost
    type Pokemon, and it's hard to see a ghost as a Fairy.

    As for Latios and Latias, while they certainly look the part, their
    abilities as stated in their Pokedex entries could simply be
    chocked up to their being Dragon/Psychic types. They just seem
    like super-intelligent, powerful Pokemon as opposed to mystical
    Fairy creatures.

    Celebi, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf were included because of their
    mystical properties. Celebi in particular is very Fairy-like.
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    I can see that logic, but the idea of a ghostly fairy isn't completely untenable.

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