Bravely Default: Vampire Quest Guide

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by Synzer

The Vampire Job is very unique and complicated one to get. It is also very powerful. I will tell you how to start the quest and guide you through each location you must visit before opening the Vampire Castle. If you want a guide for using the Vampire Job after unlocking it, check out my Vampire Job Guide.

This guide will cover the Vampire Quest line including:

  • Vampire Castle: Where it is, and how to get there.
  • Keystone Locations: Where to find all 6 keystones.
  • Elemental Dragons: How to defeat the dragons at each keystone.
  • Vampire Castle Revisited: Defeating Lord DeRosso and gaining the Vampire Job.

Vampire Castle

You can reach Vampire Castle in Chapter 4.

  • After defeating Braev the Templar, go to the south exit of Eternian Central Command, towards Eternia City.
  • Take the path to the west and defeat the zombie dragon if you haven't already.
  • The dragon isn't that hard, but you have to kill it twice because it will revive itself.
  • Follow the path to the castle, it is the blue marked location on your map to the northwest.
  • [Cut-scene] After watching the scenes, you can now get the 6 keystones.
Published Feb. 12th 2014
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