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Bravely Default: Vampire Quest Guide

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The Vampire Job is very unique and complicated one to get. It is also very powerful. I will tell you how to start the quest and guide you through each location you must visit before opening the... continue »

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The Vampire Job is very unique and complicated one to get. It is also very powerful. I will tell you how to start the quest and guide you through each location you must visit before opening the Vampire Castle. If you want a guide for using the Vampire Job after unlocking it, check out my Vampire Job Guide.

This guide will cover the Vampire Quest line including:

  • Vampire Castle: Where it is, and how to get there.
  • Keystone Locations: Where to find all 6 keystones.
  • Elemental Dragons: How to defeat the dragons at each keystone.
  • Vampire Castle Revisited: Defeating Lord DeRosso and gaining the Vampire Job.

Vampire Castle

You can reach Vampire Castle in Chapter 4.

  • After defeating Braev the Templar, go to the south exit of Eternian Central Command, towards Eternia City.
  • Take the path to the west and defeat the zombie dragon if you haven't already.
  • The dragon isn't that hard, but you have to kill it twice because it will revive itself.
  • Follow the path to the castle, it is the blue marked location on your map to the northwest.
  • [Cut-scene] After watching the scenes, you can now get the 6 keystones.

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    easiest way to beat him is with lvl 14 knight equipt heike set and 2 bloody sheilds and have dual sheilds and pdefense 30% and 10% then kill off your other 3 members and keep using sheild charge youll only take 1 dmg you party misses out on jp and exp but you can beat all 6 in under 5 minutes- knight OP
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    so what is where is that 6 fking keystone, lol !?
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    Easiest way to beat all the dragons, have a team of 4 ninja's with transience as a support ability and utsusemi unlocked, make sure your weapons don't do damage that the dragons will absorb, have everyone do utsusemi and hit auto-battle, then wait. All the dragon's attacks are considered to be physical and are evaded, and on bite attacks you get to counter. It's long and a tad annoying but it works
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    my main tool was a spiritmaster/white mage with the red mage's bp recovery ability. the dragons typically used elemental damage after doing an eye. that gives you 2 extra bp to immidiately use enigma. dragon uses eye? --> use enigma
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    Dispel eye, Haste to always be faster.

    BP Recovery (You get 2 BP every eye)

    You can easily outheal their AoE (just buy elemental accessories) then you can just outsustain every dragon.
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    The method I used for the Dragons is a bit weird, and I did it entirely by accidental, but here's what it is: Have a valkyrie that has learned and equipped the Sky High and Aerials abilities, and use Two-Handed on the most appropriate spear available for the dragon you're fighting. Equip hat, armor, and accessory that boost attack strength even more. The valkyrie will start the fight in the air, and by the time they come down will have amassed 2 BP. Immediately have them jump again - which, you'll note, costs 2 BP. By the time they come down again, they'll get back the BP they used on the Jump. You can do this indefinitely, and in the entirety of all my fights against the dragons they only caught hit by an attack once or twice.

    My Valkyrie was doing about 8/9k per jump on dragons with a weakness spear, and around 6k for dragons that a weakness spear was unavailable.

    Funfact: Rampart will be applied to a valkyrie that's currently mid-jump, so on the odd chance they get hit, having a Templar do nothing but collect BP and use Rampart is a good idea.

    The other two party members were a Spiritmaster/White Mage and a Arcanist/Black Mage. The spiritmaster was on healing duties and applying elemental resistance buffs whenever the dragon used it's eye attack, and the Arcanist spends the entire fight trying to apply poison before then spamming Exterminate. Between the Arcanist, Poison (which does 999 damage every time), and Valkyrie, all the dragons died pretty easily. The hardest one was the wind dragon, because it just did NOT want to get poisoned and the fight took forever (although I wasn't in any danger of actually losing said fight).
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    Roland Gridley
    Here's an easy method to beat the dragons. Like, seriously, ridiculously easy.

    Get 4 levels in Red Mage and at least 4 levels in Ninja. Red Mage will get you the Turn Tables support ability, which raises your BP whenever you evade an attack. Ninja will get you the Utsusemi skill, which guarantees that you evade one attack, and the support ability Transience, which allows you to counter any evaded attack.

    Fun fact: AOE attacks do not proc Transience UNLESS your Transience party member is the only one alive.

    This means that letting 3 party members just be dead for most of the fight guarantees that your ninja will counter 2 out of every 3 turns (assuming 1 Bite, 1 Breath, and 1 Eye, the Eye not being an attack and therefor impossible to evade.)
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    Roland Gridley
    Actually, I just found a video on youtube where some guy just has all of his party members set to Ninja with levels in Red Mage.

    Brave, Brave, Attack, Utsusemi x4 and then auto. My only problem with doing that was that Edea was just not fast enough to use Utsusemi before the dragons attacked.
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    Pictures were a little blurry, but really helped in finding those last two monuments I was missing, thanks!
  • 60
    Featured Columnist
    Thanks, sorry about that. It was before I realized I could use miiverse for uploading pictures.

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