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PS4: Setup, Tips & Settings for a New Playstation 4

Setup, streaming, patch updates, and controller syncs stand between you and your games. Here's how to set up a brand new PS4.


You have your shiny new Playstation 4, but now you have some config, troubleshooting and more to do.

Here is a list of tips and tricks to make your PS4 operational quickly:

Updating Your PS4: Download PS4 Update 1.50 Patch via PC

First off, you can download the first 1.50 patch directly from Sony via the PlayStation blog.

Streaming your Games: HDCP Toggle is Not Enabled

It has been announced that HDCP will be disabled during gameplay. However, this is not available at launch. A patch will enable the HDCP toggle during gameplay, but it isn't out yet. So, only once the PSN comes back up will you be able to stream without jumping through hoops.

Hook up the Controllers: Syncing/Pairing DS4 Controllers is Not Automatic

The overly simplistic directions in the manual to "attach the controller via the cable to sync" don't actually work. We've found that you have to:

1. Turn off the PS4

2. Plug in the Dual Shock 4 controller

3. THEN restart the PS4.

Then the controller will sync.

How to Tell Your PS4 Controllers Apart

The Dualshock 4 Controllers are Color Coded: Player 1 is blue. Player 2 is red.

Mute the Interface: You Can Disable the Systems Sounds

Some people find the interface sounds to be annoying. You can disable them like this:

  • Go to Settings on the top right of the PS4 interface
  • Click 'Sound and Screen'
  • Uncheck 'System Music'
  • Uncheck 'Key Tones'

Your system will now make a lot less sound as you do things in the UI.

Enjoy your new PS4!

Have a question we didn't answer? Ask in comments and we'll get you the info.

Originally Published Nov. 15th 2013

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  • 1
    Can some one please help me understand how to change my ps4 hard drive and do I really need to...
    -So I've been reading how people mod. the Ps4. and how it's only $40 and minimal skill is needed to switch it.
    Ok great I have $40 and at best my skills are minimal. But why, why do I need to mod. the most powerful consol to date. I read to work faster. Really? People are that impatient , I think its speed is a non issue and wouldn't open my ps4 for this alone. I would however open it up if I can get me GBs on it. Or can I but an external drive to add memory to my ps4.? ok to keep it short and easy to answer I'll stop here please help me understand this and if you answer one thing please tell me can I get extra memory on here with a plug in drive or something. Not my field of expertise , as if you couldn't tell. ;)
    Many Thanks in advance
  • 1
    How can I sync my music on my hard disk with the machine.
  • 1
    Dave S_1463
    Work for an ISP.
    Have customer with PS4 & Asus Wrouter.
    Says PS4 only works on Sunday with Internet.
    But every other device works fine all the time.

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