Top 10 Senran Kagura girls with big....PLOT

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No, this article isn’t about boobs. I am legitimately talking about the plot of one of my new favorite series. The games haven’t always held up quite well in terms of gameplay, as you can find in my review of Shinovi Versus, but I genuinely enjoyed the story and characters within each game. Well, maybe except Deep Crimson, but there were a lot of elements I did enjoy and will bring up. My absolute favorite however is the Versus series. And with the girl account over 20, barring the New Wave card series, I want to count down the top 10 characters with, in my opinion, the best stories, aka MASSIVE PLOT!

Note that because some characters have to share their plots with others, some slides may feature two characters.

Published Jun. 25th 2016
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    List has my Senran waifu Haruka. 10/10

    Wish Murasaki wasn't so weird to play in EV because she's definitely my type (hikki best) but I just can't get into her gameplay-wise.
  • TheSmartestMoron
    Yeah she is a bit weird to play as. Could be worse though. She could be as bad as Hanabi. Even fans named a special low-tier simply known as Hanabi-tier.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    Yeah, can't stand playing Hanabi. I can see why she'd be at such a low tier.

    I don't like playing Kafuru either, feels kind of clunky to me. What's great is there are so many to choose from, though, so it's not like a few poor-playing characters in the roster make a huge difference.
  • TheSmartestMoron
    Definitely. Out of everyone, Suzune is my favorite due to her insane speed, as is Homura for her transformation.

    During my quick review video of Estival Versus, I did make fun of Kafuru...her dolphin kicked my ass.

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