City elevator runs across the cityscape in Minecraft
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Top 8 Big City Minecraft Seeds (With Downloadable Maps)

There is no better place to live than a city of your own in Minecraft. Here are some of the best big city seeds for you to explore!

Diversify your Minecraft gameplay by surviving in a big city instead of wild forests and plains, which can be so much fun. Our guide will provide you with a list of the top 8 big city MC seeds with downloadable maps for both Java and Bedrock editions.

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Top 8 Minecraft City Seeds with Maps

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Mini city map from Planet Minecraft
Image via GamerZack

This map is incredible in the way it combines classical architectural styles with modern buildings and landscapes. This Mini City map by GamerZack is filled with apartment buildings, shopping centers, and even moving cars on the highways. The creator of the map based his designs on Chiang Tung City in Thailand, which is one of the major tourist attractions in the world.

Seed: 1057937

Floating city map from Planet Minecraft
Image via Jupisoft

Here’s the Floating City map by Jupisoft based on Laputa city from Jonathan Swift’s seminal novel “Gulliver’s Travels.” It includes the king’s palace, the inner chambers, the treasure chest storage, and many other cool structures. I was amazed by all the little details of this map when I first discovered it, taking into account that this is a fantasy setting with no real-world counterpart.

Seed: 1610910846

Medieval kingdom map from Planet Minecraft
Image via Guano64

Big cities existed in medieval times too, but back then they were parts of kingdoms. If you like that time period, then this Medieval Kingdom map by Guano64 will be right up your alley. It actually includes several different castles of various cultures, as well as a whole separate pirate island, which is definitely worth checking out once you load up this Minecraft seed.

Seed: 107016

Modern town map from Planet Minecraft
Image via NekoDaoko

If you love playing on Minecraft Realms and looking for a modern big city seed and map, then this Modern Town map by NekoDaoko would be a perfect choice. It’s fully optimized for the Realms servers and Kelly’s RTX texture pack, which is required to give this city that special atmosphere. Although the predominant architectural style of the buildings is Asian, there are many other types of structures.

Seed: 1038411842509646105

Minebur map from Planet Minecraft
Image via alexbur180

Minecraft players who’ve had the chance to survive on the MineBur SMP server can now fully enjoy the MineBur map by alexbur180 of the city in solo mode. It fully preserves all structures and layout of the MineBur SMP server. It even keeps the infamous hut that hangs over the giant pit. The main castle is also fully preserved!

Seed: 1536966017

City M map from Planet Minecraft
Image via Dragonek

If you love playing in a city environment but don’t want to deal with tall structures, then I highly recommend this single-storey City M map by Dragonek. This design is more focused on horizontal expansion than vertical, creating a unique sense of space and scale. It’s like having a modernized and extended vanilla Minecraft village, which is pure delight.

Seed: 1413234903

Zombie apocalypse map from Planet Minecraft
Image via Nauticus 2502

Every Minecraft player knows that some villages get abandoned by their inhabitants, and they turn into zombie villages. But what if an entire city turned into an abandoned zombie city? The Zombie Apocalypse map by Nauticus 2502 explores this idea in full fashion, with an entire city with skyscrapers being infested by zombie mobs. But don’t worry, there are plenty of plcaes to hide and stay safe too.

Seed: 1997

San Andreas map from Planet Minecraft
Image via Blackthorne

One of the most prominent city designs in video gaming history comes from the very first Grand Theft Auto game. Well, somebody took that inspiration and created an entire replica of the San Andreas map by Blackthorne in Minecraft. Veteran players will be struck by the resemblance of this map to the original game, which is simply uncanny.

That’s it for my list of the top 8 big city Minecraft seeds with downloadable maps. Stay tuned for more MC tips and tricks articles, including How to Find Slime Chunks Without Seeds and How to Build the Best Kelp Farm.

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