Top 8 Minecraft Castle Seeds (With Downloadable Maps)

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People from all over the world love creating incredible structures in Minecraft and sharing them with other players. Here, we present you with a selection of some of the finest fan-made castles in the game. You can simply enter the seed in your Minecraft account (in Creative Mode) and install the map that comes with each seed (here is a tutorial for PC, Mac, and Linux).

When you install the map, you can use the seed to spawn near or inside the Minecraft castle. You can then change the structure or simply redecorate the interior of the castle to your liking. Also, there is a possibility of setting up a private server and inviting friends to play online inside the castle and seed of your choice.

Note: These Minecraft castle seeds only work on the PC version of the game. We'll have to make a list for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. 

Published Aug. 24th 2016

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