The Best Minecraft Seeds For Lazy People

20 of my favorite Minecraft seeds, all with cool spawn points.

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I'll admit it: when it comes to exploring Minecraft worlds, I tend to be a little bit lazy. I love the core of the game (mining and...erm...crafting), but I'm not the biggest fan of wandering through biome after biome in search of a rare structure. I've tried to like that aspect of the game, but it's just not for me. It was a hard lesson to learn, but the truth is, I'm a horrible adventurer.

With that said, even though I'm lazy, I still want to see all of the cool things that the game has to offer. So for me, the best Minecraft seeds are the ones that put something cool and interesting right in front me when I spawn.

If you're a lazy adventurer like me and want to see some really cool stuff without moving around too much, here are 20 of the best Minecraft seeds that I've found so far.

Spawn next to an exposed Stronghold

Seed: -9057352651117540831

It's a little hard to tell from the screenshot, but yes, that wood you see in the ravine is part of an exposed stronghold. If you're looking for a survival seed where you can find a stronghold without having to farm Eyes of Ender and walk (potentially) thousands of blocks to find a stronghold, this is the seed you've been looking for. It's about a 20 second walk from the spawn. The ravine surrounding the stronghold is very cool as well, with lots of great minerals to harvest.

Spawn next to a huge mushroom biome

Seed: -1309634265

Mushroom biomes can be tough to find (unless you're one of those creative mode cheats with your flying super powers). This Minecraft seed will spawn you right in front of a huge mushroom biome -- and it's absolutely massive. Bonus points for having some cool rock formations.

Spawn next to a jungle temple

Seed: england

I don't know about you, but my least-favorite Minecraft spawn is the jungle spawn. They're a pain to navigate, you can't see a thing, and you spend your first precious minutes cutting down vines with your fists. In a jungle, collecting the materials you need to survive the first night is just...well...not a whole lot of fun. This seed makes it more better, though, since you start out right next to a jungle temple. Grab some quick loot, and use the shelter for the night if you need to.

Spawn next to a surface skeleton dungeon

Seed: -1617224717

This skeleton dungeon isn't immediately visible -- you'll have to do a little bit of excavation to expose the chests and the entrance (this screenshot, obviously, is from my post-excavation). Just look for a sunken spot in the sand right in front of your spawn point and start digging.

Spawn near a massive crater

Seed: 8700829340959843130

This is definitely one of the most impressive craters I've ever seen, and it happens to be right around this seed's spawn point. Before you head down, you'll want to take a little time to gather some wood from the surrounding area. There are a lot of precious minerals down below (and some monsters, too), so you'll need a solid stockpile of sticks for the swords and pickaxes you'll need down below.

Spawn near a desert temple and village (and acquire diamonds)

Seed: -671258039

This is definitely one of my favorite Minecraft seeds. A short distance from your spawn point, you will find a desert temple -- with a large village right behind it. There are a lot of diamonds in the blacksmith's chest (and even more rare gems in the chests below the desert temple). If you love playing survival mode and want a little head start when it comes to acquiring rare materials (emeralds, diamonds, gold, etc), this is one of the best seeds you'll ever find.

Spawn next to a cool jungle lagoon

Seed: World Generator

Alright, so I mentioned before that I hate jungles. But if jungles have one redeeming quality, it's their cool (and sometimes elusive) lagoons. This seed will start you right next to a jungle lagoon that's just begging to be developed into something great. 

Spawn on a survival island

Seed: Sprite

I'm not really a survival island type of person (there are few things less satisfying to me than digging out an underground fortress with my bare knuckles), but I do like to play that way from time to time as the mood arises. This is, in my mind, the perfect survival island seed. You get one tree, a small patch of land, and you're surrounded by ocean for hundreds of blocks. Good luck...

Spawn on an island (with a village)

Seed: 644309466

Here's a survival island with a twist: the island is home to a small village. Now, I get that it isn't really a 'survival' situation when you land on an island with comfortable accommodations and a little farm just waiting for you to feast on, but it's a good seed for people who want to play survival island style without the initial resource scramble.

Spawn next to a large mountain village

Seed: -5825474964779901595

This Minecraft seed will spawn you right next to a large village in front of a nice mountain range. The village has a lot of farms that you can harvest right away for instant nutrition, and the buildings provide you with a nice place to spend a night (the villagers don't mind. Really). The mountain range itself is also very cool, with plenty of caves to explore.

Spawn next to a desert temple and village

Seed: Double Village

I know, I already put one temple / village combo on this list. But while the other one was cool mostly for the rare gems you'll find, this one is cool for other reasons. As you can see in the screenshot, the temple is mostly buried. And though it isn't immediately obvious, a lot of the village is too. Excavating the temple and village (without smashing either to bits) was one of the most surprisingly fun things I've done in Minecraft. It's a fun way to spend a couple hours on a lazy afternoon. 

Spawn near a witch hut

Seed: 2

Aside from a caulrdon (and potential witch spawn), there isn't really much that's too remarkable about witch huts. However, they can be a little tough to find on your own, so if you just want to take a quick peek to see what they're all about (or if you want to convert one into your own luxurious lair of evil), this is a good seed for you. The hut is only about a 15 second walk from your spawn point.

Spawn on a survival island on steroids

Seed: Artomix

This is a pretty well-known Minecraft seed, and for good reason: it's incredibly cool. This seed spawns you on a small island. But unlike most survival islands, this one is mountainous with lots of trees, cliffs, and beaches. There is a ton of building potential here (it's absolutely begging for an Ewok-style tree fort), which in my mind gives you the best of both worlds.

Spawn next to a desert temple on the edge of 3 biomes

Seed: vancouver

There are many seeds that will spawn you close to a desert temple, but this is the only one I've found that's on the edge of 3 different biomes. Because of its convenience, I decided to convert the temple into my home, giving me easy access to just about everything I need. If you haven't converted a temple before, it's easy -- just make sure you close off the top, and add lots of torches and doors.

Spawn next to a cavernous mountain

Seed: -1669759022

This Minecraft seed spawns you right in front of a really cool mountain range. Many of the mountains are hollowed out, giving you easy access to coal, iron, and other materials that you need to get started. Plus, the caves are a ton of fun to explore.

Spawn near floating mountains

Seed: 4079393558202846493

When it comes to pure building potential (and Dali-like physics), this is one of my favorite Minecraft seeds. The mountains here have a lot of character, and like a lot of people, I'm a huge fan of the large overhangs and floating mountains. In terms of eye candy and pure awe factor, this is one of the best seeds out there.

Spawn on a winter island

Seed: 6508504818774936544

If you love the idea of living on an island but you're tired of the sand / beach combo that dominates the survival island theme, here's a seed that will let you live a little differently. This gorgeous Taiga island is really cool, and not just for its snowy exterior: Dig down from just about anywhere on the island, and you'll drop into an abandoned mineshaft. Plus, the island has a really cool ravine that's home to exposed redstone, coal, iron, and gold. 

Spawn near a sunken village

Seed: -4954213873586745325

This seed will spawn you close to a village that's pretty much submerged in water (ironically, the only thing in the village that isn't directly next to water is the well). Raid the farms for some instant nutrition, and use the village as a good starter structure if you want. This is a cool seed because it spawns you next to something unusual, and it would be great for anyone who is new to Minecraft and needs a nice place to get started.

Spawn on a mushroom island

Seed: 41327148

Mushroom biomes are cool enough on their own. But a mushroom island? That's something else entirely. With this seed, you will spawn on a small survival-style island, with a view of the mushroom kingdom just across the water. It's just a short swim from the spawn point, and there's lot to explore here (including a huge underground canyon).

Spawn and swim (or die)


I'm honestly not sure if this is a great Minecraft seed or a horrible one, but I like it so it's on the list. This seed makes survival island seeds look like a joke. You will spawn in the middle of an ocean. And not on top of the water, either -- by the time the world renders, you'll have a nice little swim towards the surface. At the surface, you can't see anything but water in any direction, making your survival (and the world you end up inhabiting) an absolute crap shoot.


Do you have a favorite seed for the lazy that I've missed? If so, drop it in the comments.

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Published Mar. 11th 2013
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  • A_1287
    these seeds didnt work
  • kaiser_7537
    so i like the british empire so i like seed -8557852
  • bob gorman
    what is the version for the survival isalnd?
  • jascelinous
    111 you will be spawn on a dessert temple
    63605 you will be spawn near a village that look likes little venice
  • me_8698
  • me_8698
    the seeds don't work
    Last edited 3 months ago
  • Freddy_8201
    17 6's 66666666666666666 where you spawn on a tree underground
  • Freddy_8201
  • Freddy_8201
    WE.RECYCLE is cool fly up a little tinsy bit you'll see a cave its pitck dark its a pit
  • Freddy_8201
    FlopGoesTheMop look to the rightfly to the island make a house
  • Freddy_8201
    My seeds i got work
  • Freddy_8201
    Fuck is good you spawn on a floating island well... not on one fly up a little you'll then be there just look to the side
  • Freddy_8201
    Desert 3 biomes one is water another is Desert the very last on is Normal world trees n' stuff
  • Freddy_8201
    1122334455667788991010lol is funny lol makes it funny you SPAWN IN FRONT OF A TREE!
    Last edited 4 months ago
  • Freddy_8201
    779117001296670doz is pretty cool you spawn with a great view all jungle look on the map it looks cool
  • ..._3258
    ok this seed vancouver didnt give me that temple but just WOOOOOOOW a blacksmith village next to... a desert temple... next to... ANOTHER FREAKING BLACKSMITH AWWWWW YEAH
  • Anonymous_2879
    I have a seed. It is: MUSHROOMS. You will land in a desert biome. Go across sand until you see a dungeon like thing small but go some more and find a bigger one. Good luck!!!
  • liz_8684
    Artomix gave me something TOATALLY different! It was one HUGE floating mountain! Maybe if I tried it in Old Wolrd. My version is 0.13.0.
  • DaGuy99
    Another seed is "village".It spawns you right in a village!
  • madylin_3474
    hay do you know what seed your suposte to tipe to go to stampys world
  • madylin_3474
    please say it if you know the seed
  • Jeff_9196
    My fave seed is

    TES inc.
  • Jeff_9196
    Well, TES inc. #1
  • Jeff_9196
    None of these seeds are true :|
  • Katie_7067
    I have an amazing seed. Try this. It has a giant house and it's great.
  • liz_8684
    it gave me a jungle. 1604793552
  • NinjaSwag2kl
    The reason some of these seeds don't work is because they are for the xbox one and xbox 360 versions now
  • Biscuit_2654
    Did you guys ever he seeds out dated?
  • Caleb_6745
    On pocket edition I started a random world and spawned by some amazing structures made of ice like I have never seen before the seed is 69086
  • ui_3817
    rupa yu
  • Makaya _6334
    hardly any of these seeds work, sorry
  • bob_8934
    These seeds are outdated. They're for an older version of Minecraft!
  • gg_1987
    These don't work, but I tried 'england' and it spawned me in the water but when I looked around I had flower mayhem infront of me on a plain biome with a swamp to the left, and mountain biome behind the swamp, flat land to the left of the swamp and a forrest behind me filled with cows and sheep!
  • Luke_7443
    The submerged Desert Temple and Village seed totally is wrong.
  • Libby_9194
    And is it infinity of old or flat😒 like yeesh
  • Libby_9194
    You need to make a tree house/mansion
  • Rosie_5614
    I have lots of seeds! Take a look at these 3. I got them from a wierd website that said they would all have villages at spawn, but they don't. Check them out: 7948465608435211783, 2940046813906501249, and 998538147.
  • Ashleigh_5143
    These do not work.
  • Casey_2652
    Only a few of these work for me. Make sure to put what update it is next time.
    Last edited 1 year ago
  • Kristian Wilson
    These look great. I'll have to try them when I pick up Minecraft again.
  • Zarkia
    remember everyone that depending on which minecraft you have and what system it is for, the seeds could generate the worlds differently. i dont think this guy is a prankster. i will try it myself, but why not ask him what he plays minecraft on? PC? xbox? Playsation? hypotheticly it shouldnt matter but it might, so why not ask to see if you can get the same one as him and try it out. remember also to double check what you put in to the seed generator. if you didnt type it in identical to what he has layed out for us it wont work regardless. and make sure you use the dash at the begining of the seeds that start with one. sometimes people dont think its part of the seed, but it is. thank you.
  • Grace_6180
    NONE of them work
  • Annika_5069
    On the winter island world I can't find the ravine, anybody have the coordinates?
  • Josh_8949
    Hey guys the witch hut one spawns you near the big casm
  • w1g3y
    Try the seed 'thecatsatonthemat' (without quotes)

    Rather large ravine near spawn to get completely lost in. A fav for our game meets.
  • phoenix659
    hi people, I found a good desert seed that starts in an arid biome. there are plenty of caves at the spawn point with substantial coal. keep the hill on left and you will come across a good size village with blacksmith shop containing: 8 iron bars, 7 obsidian, diamond horse armour, iron helmet and 2 apples. next to the village is a totally exposed temple containing 23 gold bars, 15 iron bars, diamond horse armour, saddle, 12 rotten flesh and 18 bones.
    seed: 5077538431063563147 .
    xyz of village is 185.634 / 64.00000 / 38.416
  • Minecraft228
    None of them work
  • coolguy_8116
    are theese 1.7.2 ( or under ) seeds if they arent i want a diamond desert temple with village seed for 1.7.2
  • 4sfs
    Where is the desert temple!
  • mc_2581
    On what is this it doesn't work on Xbox 360
  • Hayhay_3990

    It's a vilage

    Both survival and creative
  • Jeanna_7467
    it gives you all of resources and it supplies you with a desert village and if you fall down a hole near where you spawn in the beginning you get a mineshaft if you follow the lava
  • enrico_5631
  • enrico_5631
    hola tag guten tag ciao ni hao gen e chewa
  • enrico_5631
    the sea temple suck btw so gross
  • xAM14x
    All of the seeds worked i used them on ps3 btw
  • reaper_5753
    LOOK UP...
  • gabriel_7254
    You dont know how to make seeds do you
  • gabriel_7254
    All the seeds dont work
  • Trot_3959
    Where is the double Village
  • None_8979
    Type the seed Athena and you spawn directly next to a village
  • gober78
    I love the I love you seed its awesome thanks whoever put it in the comments
  • gober78
    I tried all the seeds and none of them worked
  • holyasia
    Also try beetroot or Andrew
  • holyasia
    123456789 spawned me near some really cool rocks
  • TeenageTurboJet
    Ok... The mushroom biome all around is great and all that but where in the world are we suppose to live on that if we can't even get wood to kill animals or make a house to survive.
  • Tyori
    Survival on PC
    Seed: I love you

    Spawns you in a smallish field where there's cows, there's some chickens on the side of a snowy mountain not a few yards away, little ponds around with canes, forest has random giant mushrooms, there are all kinds of caves everywhere (watch your step before you question me) and a big rectangle cut into the earth with next to nothing to climb down with. Actually there's basically one square sticking out. xD There's a herd of horses nearby around a lake, trees are tall and thick (extra wood, nudge wink), some pumpkins... From my tree house I can see a lava flow as well; free light~
  • Madison_1372
    ummmmmmmmmmmm the desert temple and village one with diamonds spawned me in the ocean and i cant find a way out
  • lolipop_1946
    And you will spawn in a world where villages. Are nearby.try going down to the well and break a block and you will find a dungeon
  • Emma Scobee
    i tried all of these and none of them WORKED!

  • Minecraft and MSP Writer
    Ok i spawned near a pond. Is that cool?
  • Minecraft and MSP Writer
    i will try GGF on my pocket app
  • sam_5858
    this was very helpful thank you would this work on minecraft xbox 1 :)
  • Zombiedeer
    I'm dependently going to be using these thanks man.
  • bob_8895
  • person_2412
    minecraft pe
    there are 3 villages mixed together?!?!
    to get there walk forward toward the mountain range
  • norah_3999
    I tried a few dessert ones and they don't work .
  • Anonymous_6575
    A really great seed is "Johnny Appleseed" and the letters are all lowercase and yes there is a space between the two words.
  • Nick_1722
    Doesn't work on pe
  • holyasia
    evil works on pe
  • robert_7133
    you lie about what the seeds spawn on pc
  • ethan_2947
    some might not work some will
  • ethan_2947
    some are good some arent.
  • jeanna_3751
    double village (no caps)
  • Angialyna
    An awesome minecraft seed is


    No caps and dig 1 block deep in the well thats in the village you will go in to a dungeon😊😊
  • robert_7730
    tigolbitties (no caps) spawn between two villages no more than 100 blocks apart
  • Saima Rehman
    I have one cheat the spawns two villages!!!!!-seed-108685930 It works in survial and creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • poop poopster
  • poop poopster
    i S H I T MY PANTS
  • poop poopster
    stinky bums
  • poop poopster
  • lollie girl 369
    phoebe girl

    Is a really goodseed i hope u like it as much as me
  • Zo34582
    spider is a great seed
  • Alex_5271
    What if you have PE?
  • Jim_4651
    Here's a 1.8 seed I like:


    You spawn right next to a village. Run literally due west across the desert for less than a day, and there's another village. Run due west again, cross a stream, and there's a desert village (this one is even less of a run). In other words: three villages all literally on the exact-same east-west line, easy runs from one another. (There's also a Savannah village at -842 69 -818 but it's really really far away from the spawn point.)
    Last edited 2 years ago
  • crissann_3705
    The first seed is incorrect throws me on islands
  • xGhost99
    Some of these are not true
  • Brianna_2816
    I can't find any thing in the seeds! :(
  • Supercat Andra
    I have amazing seed !!! In the survival, if you build 1 house you can get 2 house !! Free !!! seed:flatty
  • jhon_3347
    I am looking for one of minecraft functioning after upgrade help
    If you need to put your minecraft premium account http://cheatplays.com/generador-de-cuentas-premium-minecraft-2014/
  • Caleb_8464
    I have a seed!
    Seed: village ---> it spawns you next to a jungle temple!!! Very COOL!
  • -----_6835
    Time to upgrade my Minecraft to premium http://freeminecraftgiftcode.net :D
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