12 Minecraft Mods That Will Seriously Change Your World

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How do you change a world that's already built entirely around players changing it on their own? Minecraft modders have come up with some incredibly clever mods capable of tackling that conundrum, expanding and altering the game in ways you might not expect.

From customizing backgrounds and menus to adding in thousands of new items and blocks and painstakingly recreating other fantasy universes, there's a whole lot of world-changing mods available for everyone's favorite pixelated open world game.

Read on for 12 of the best world-changing mods and maps for Minecraft, and be sure to leave a comment letting us know about your favorite mods!

Millénaire Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

Big empty spaces are a problem with just about any Minecraft biome as you wander around find nothing but nothing. This mod completely eradicates that problem by filling your world with NPC villages inspired by Byzantine, Inuit, Japanese, and Norman cultures. Each village has a variety of characters who all engage in tasks to keep the local economy going strong and even expand out with new buildings.

Hunger In Peace Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

For the newbies who are baffled by the game's mechanics and can't figure out how to survive, there's this difficulty-easing mod. With Hunger In Peace installed, you won't get attacked by any mobs and your hunger meter won't ever drop, letting you have all the time you want to explore and start crafting.

While, obviously, this one is aimed at new players, there's no reason veterans can't try it out if they want to get on building something epic without being interrupted.


Rope Bridge Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

Want to travel across big open areas quickly without having to climb up and down? If you're having trouble in the beginning with enemies, use this mod to fire a rope bridge with a grappling hook! Just walk across from point A to point B... but, you know, don't fall off, because there's no guard rails.

Custom Main Menu Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

Although it's a screen avid players will frequently see, you probably don't think about the game's main menu all that often. If you'd prefer the menu be arranged a different way -- or even have a totally different appearance -- this mod lets you completely customize the entire menu any way you see fit.

Add images, links, or even new sub-menus! You can also combine this one with Custom Backgrounds to change the standard dirt menu background and the Resource Loader to add new images and textures to the game.


Journey Map Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

ZOMG, this mod is so incredibly useful! This must-install mod keeps track of everywhere you explore, mapping out your current world in real time. You can place the info as a mini-map in the corner of the screen or instead, tab over to a web browser to see the full map and your positioning. It also keeps track of mobs, which I guess is sort of cheating, but you usually want to know if a zombie is approaching, so...

Not Enough Items (NEI) Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

Your go-to mod for inventory and recipe management, NEI gives you the recipe view that lets you see what recipes and usages are available for any given resource.

The mod also gives you a comprehensive search feature for your inventory, along with a subset drop down menu. We can't recommend this one enough if you don't want to have to constantly look up what items are needed for which recipes.


Pam's Harvestcraft Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

If you want more food options, this is basically a required download. Pam's Harvestcraft includes more than a whopping 1,300 items from vegetable crops to fruit, fish, and many, many new kinds of blocks. You can even use the tofu to replace meat in different recipes. If you fancy yourself a bit of a Minecraft green thumb, this is the one for you.

Mob Grinding Utilities

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

There are plenty of mods that add new types of mobs to discover, but this one changes how you interact with them and what kind of resources you can get out of them.

Fans, for instance, let you push mobs in any direction (even up), while the absorption dropper automatically picks up mob drops and experience orbs for you.


Instant Massive Structures Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

Whether you want this mod depends entirely on how you view Minecraft. If the journey is the goal and the construction experience is the whole point, you'll want to skip this one altogether.

On the other hand, if you'd like to avoid that tedious gathering of resources and placing of blocks, Instant Massive Structures will be a godsend. By deploying specific crafted blocks, you can instantaneously create large structures like towers, storage rooms, and even gigantic football stadiums!

Biomes 'O Plenty Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

I could list out dozens of different biomes mods, but there's no point because this is the one you want.  There's something like 90 biomes added with this mod, from moors to mystic forest and oddities like quagmire, ominous woods, and outback. 

If you'd prefer to hunt through all the various single biome mods instead to find that one perfect atmosphere you need, well, head on over and start scrolling.

Doctor You Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

I recently upset a long time friend when I revealed I don't actually like Dr. Who and don't care for the cheesy and silly style (I think the Inspector Spacetime Community spiff was rather spot on). As my penance, I've now got to spread the good word of the Time Lords and their companions far and wide, including in Minecraft.

More than just a new map, Doctor You lets you slip into that pretty blue police box and explore a TARDIS that's bigger on the inside than the outside. More than half a million blocks have been painstakingly placed to recreate Uncle Digby's, the Ood home world, and even a Dalek ship.

Tamriel In Minecraft Mod

Download This Minecraft Mod Here

Yep, some crazy folks decided to undertake the mammoth task of trying to recreate all of Tamriel, Oblivion, and Sovngarde inside Minecraft. While it's no secret I wasn't a fan of the game's latest main entry (and really wish they'd go ahead and make a new game instead of re-releasing Skyrim in a dozen different editions), even I'm suitably impressed by the amount of effort put in here and can have an awesome time exploring a blockified Elder Scrolls world.

There you have it: 12 of the best mods to totally change your Minecraft world, from menu screens to resource gathering and even onto whole new futuristic or fantasy worlds! Which one was your favorite?

This is just the tip of the Minecraft mod iceberg, though, with thousands of others available out there. If you're looking for more, be sure to head over tyo our Minecraft mods page, where you can find lists on mods such as: 

Published Sep. 7th 2017

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