The 19 Best Minecraft Mods that Imitate Your Favorite Games

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Have you ever asked yourself if you could play two games at the same time? Well, Minecraft has fan-made mods for almost every major video game that allows you to do exactly that -- you can play Minecraft, but at the same time you play something else.

Some of the game mods showcased in this selection are absolutely mind-blowing. They respect the source material to such a degree that it allows you to immerse yourself deeply into the gameplay. You will forget that you’re actually playing Minecraft -- that’s how good some of these mods are.

The range of the titles includes such worldwide hits like GTA V, Pokemon, Skyrim, Fallout, and a few surprise hits, such as Dark Souls and Alien vs. Predator. But go ahead and see what other games are there.

Pixelmon (Pokemon)

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Pixelmon is a must-have mod for all fans of Minecraft and Pokemon. It not only features the pocket monsters themselves, but also most of the gameplay mechanics of the original games, such as catching, breeding, fighting, evolving, etc.

The mod includes a trading system that allows you to sell and buy Pokemon from other players, which increases your chance of finding those rare creatures that you’ve always wanted to have in your collection.

Tetrimine (Tetris)

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This mod adds a fun mini-game to your Minecraft client that is based on the classic Tetris. However, instead of the typical Tetris blocks, you play with Minecraft blocks.

All of them fully preserve their physical properties, meaning that sand and gravel blocks are very crumbly and will immediately shatter under the weight of the heavier blocks. Another example is the grass block that will turn into soil in case it gets covered by a stone block. It’s a really fun concept -- try it out!


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GTA V mod includes all the available texture packs and modpacks inspired by the GTA series, so you don’t need to look for them and install separately.

All the hostile mobs now look like gangsters and cops, depending on what type of scenario you’ve chosen to play. The mod also follows the events of GTA V as precisely as it can, including the same characters, vehicles, weapons, events, and more.

Super Mario Sunshine

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Adapting Super Mario to Minecraft is the best idea ever! This modification is so good, since it brings back all the familiar characters, items and sounds to your Minecraft game.

More than that, it includes the famous F.L.U.D.D. -- a multipurpose water pack that allows your character to hover in air for a short span of time. The textures look simply fantastic here, and this is definitely the best Super Mario mod out there.

Sonic The Hedgehog

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Sonic modpack brings back the old Sega-esque textures into the world of Minecraft. You also get to run just as fast as Sonic does in his original games -- all you need to do is equip his shoes.

But Sonic is not the only character developed for this mod. The developers have made some effort and added a total of 17 spawnable characters from the Sonic universe, such as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Tikal, Blaze, etc.

Superheroes Unlimited Mod

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Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and many, many other familiar characters are all here in one mod. They all have their distinct powers preserved, so you will have a lot of fun trying out each superhero.

For example, Batman can equip his grapple hook to get to the far away spots, or batarang to quickly eliminate thugs, or a bat-bomb to detonate any obstacle on his way.

Fallout Mod

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Post-apocalypse looks great in Minecraft, as proven by this Fallout mod that showcases most of the environments, weapons and items from Fallout 3.

You can even find special booster chems, such as jets, psychos, and buffouts -- it’s all included. But the most interesting thing about this mod is the trademark Fallout armor. It’ll help you survive even the some truly dire situations.

SoulsCraft (Dark Souls)

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There’ve been a few Dark Souls mods for Minecraft in the past, but this one is the most updated and offers a truly hardcore Souls experience.

The best part comes when you die -- as you need to come back to the spot and reclaim your souls. However, an evil entity will be waiting for you right there, so prepare for some intense fighting. And when you’re done, you will have some more time to explore ancient ruins and dungeons.

Call to Battle (Call of Duty)

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Call of Duty series of games has many different versions, but this particular Minecraft mod focuses on the World War II era of CoD games.

The creators of the mod carefully designed all the classic weapons and vehicles from the times of WW2, including the famous German tanks. You can also set up bots and play against AI, if your friends can’t be a part of your game in the given time.

HaloCraft (Halo)

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This mod is incredible! The people that made it are the true fans of Halo series of video games. They managed to create most of the vehicles, guns and even specialized Halo costumes.

The mod itself works as a multiplayer arena designed for two teams -- blue and red -- that fight each other and capture special control points. The maps are gorgeous and make it for one hell of a ride!

Battlefield Mod

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Battlefield mod is just as cool as the Halo or CoD mods. But this one is dedicated to the modern warfare and includes over 20 weapons, such as M-16, AK-47, grenades, bayonets, etc.

The vehicles are represented by the classic war Jeeps and patrol boats. The combat is very realistic and makes you constantly check your ammo and health. If you need to heal up, you can use ration packs, and if you need to hide, just use camouflage.

SkyrimCraft (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

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SkyrimCraft has become big... really big. It has grown from a small modification into one of the most sought out Minecraft servers with their own memberships and staff.

So, if you can’t apply for the server membership, then you can always download and install this bundled version of the modification on your PC. It’s basically the same kind of experience except the multiplayer component.

Transformers Mod

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Making this mod has probably been a great challenge, since how do you even make a Minecraft character transform from a robot into a vehicle? But hey, that’s why modding was invented in the first place.

Transformers mod makes this possible, and your character does transform into a fully controllable vehicle. So, if you want to be in charge of Optimus Prime or Starscream, then try this mod out.

Alien vs. Predator

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Do you like science fiction and horror games? This Minecraft mod is based on one of the scariest game characters of all time -- Aliens and Predators.

The AvP mod features a huge amount of new and unique weapons, mobs, dimensions, items, and blocks. But this is not an easy game to play, as the survival element becomes truly challenging once you’re stuck inside the skin of one of those grotesque creatures.

JurassiCraft (Jurassic Park)

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JurassiCraft is a great alternative for those who want to farm a lot, but are tired of breeding the same animals over and over again. With the help of this mod you can start breeding dinosaurs.

However, we must warn you that this is not an easy process that requires a lot of preparation. But the creative team behind the mod took care of this nuisance and made a special wiki for those who may find the breeding process of the dinosaurs confusing.

Kingdom Keys (Kingdom Hearts 3)

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The Keyblades that have been introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3 are some of the best weapons in the history of the series. That's why the Minecraft community decided to implement the same mechanics with the help of this cool new mod.

The new swords in Minecraft are very much like the models from Kingdom Hearts 3. They have infinite durability and much higher damage than average weapons.

Some other mechanics have also been implemented from the original game, such as Driveforms and magic.

AssassinCraft (Assassin's Creed)

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If you've ever wanted to play as a secret assassin in Minecraft, then here's your chance.

The new Assassin's Creed mod not only combines the elements of the last game, but also gives you an opportunity to try all the costumes and weapons from all previous games of this highly popular video game series.

Some of the most signature mechanics, such as Smoke Bomb and Apple of Eden, are available for you to try out. So check it out right away!

Metro Exodus

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This huge Minecraft mod totally overhauls the biomes and mineshafts of the game, turning them into the desolate locations from Metro Exodus.

The post-apocalyptic Minecraft is totally frozen and surviving is as hard as it has ever been. So if you like playing your games on the hardest difficulty, then give this mod a go.

The creators of the Metro Exodus mod added entire cities with buildings and a huge number of items, blocks, and weapons.

Monster Hunter Frontier Craft

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Hostile mobs aren't the only danger in Minecraft. Now with the help of the latest Monster Hunter World mod, you will have to fight against huge monsters, such as:

  • Aptonoth
  • Jaggi
  • Barroth
  • Rathalos
  • Nargacuga
  • Tigrex
  • Deviljho

All of them have been carefully crafted and placed in the world of Minecraft. But don't worry, as the creators of the mod also added a number of powerful weapons, so you could fight the monsters with no fear.

We hope you could find your favorite game among these Minecraft mods. If not, then let us know in the comments what Minecraft mods you would like to see next time.

Published Jan. 9th 2017


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