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Minecraft is a sandbox survival game that features elements from building games and dungeon crawlers. Centered on creativity, Minecraft lets players build unbelievable structures and worlds in a procedurally generated 16-bit 3D environment.

Both the Minecraft development team and community modders have created thousands of seeds and worlds in which players can explore, gather resources, and craft mighty weapons to slay in-game mobs. And while there is no ultimate goal in Minecraft, its open-ended nature allows players to set their own goals and achievements in each of the game’s four modes.

Creative mode lets players build magnificent (or humble) structures using unlimited resources without focusing on survival elements. Players are also able to fly in this mode, quickly exploring Minecraft seeds at will. Survival mode lets players build structures in Minecraft’s world, but forces them to contend with survival mechanics such as hunger and health, as well as nightly enemy mobs. This mode also offers players a drastically more difficult hardcore mode, featuring permadeath and world deletion.

Adventure mode allows players to explore maps and seeds created by other users, featuring custom mechanics and user-created adventures.

Lastly, spectator mode lets players view the world as themselves, another player, or even an in-game animal or mob without interacting with the world itself. Minecraft’s community has also created thousands of skins for Minecraft players, featuring everything from Final Fantasy and Star Wars to Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda.

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