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A little Minecraft farm
Image via Curseforge

Top 10 Best Minecraft Cooking & Food Mods in March 2024 (ver. 1.20+)

Treat your virtual tastebuds with these food and cooking mods in Minecraft!

Minecraft gives you plenty to do on its own. However, the modding community and its endless creativity have countless options for expanding on the base game’s content or adding completely new content. If you’re feeling that you need more culinary options, here are the top 10 best Minecraft cooking and food mods in March 2024 (version 1.20).

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Best Cooking and Food Mods for Minecraft 1.20+

10. Aquaculture 2

Fishing in Minecraft from the Aquaculture 2 Minecraft food mod
Image via Curseforge

Aquaculture 2 by Shadow isn’t limited to being a food mod because it also adds a bunch of fishing utility. But its focus on fishing over food or cooking is what puts it at number 10 on this list. Aside from adding a bunch of types of fish and letting you get fish filets from them, this mod adds new tools for fishing and even a Neptune-themed armor set. I think this is a perfect choice if you want to add some variety to your food options with fish, but you also enjoy fishing and want more content in that area as well.

9. Botany Pots

Row of plants growing in pots from the Botany Pots Minecraft mod
Image via Curseforge

Botany Pots by DarkhaxDev provides you with more growing options for food. I love the idea of this mod, and it makes so much sense to have Botany Pots in Minecraft. There’s no reason that this shouldn’t be part of the base game. It lets you create pots so you can farm crops inside your house, base, or any other term you call your virtual residence. With these, it’s easier to grow crops to use for cooking. Building pots instead of setting up a farm and making sure it’s designed properly to get enough water is much easier as well.

8. Vinery

A filled winerack from the Vinery Minecraft food mod
Image via Curseforge

Vinery by satisfy gives you everything you need to craft wine. You even have all the tools you need to make your own little vinery. I love the cozy vibes that you can add to your home with this mod. It takes a different direction compared to a lot of food and cooking mods by focusing on drinks. If you’re looking to add to your culinary experience, why not give yourself the option to place a bottle of wine on the table?

7. Expanded Delight

A lush view of the forest from the Expanded Delight Minecraft mod
Image via Curseforge

Expanded Delight by ianm1647 adds onto the mod that I have listed at number 1 (Farmer’s Delight). Using Farmer’s Delight as a foundation, Expanded Delight gives you even more options for additional crops and recipes. This mod is in progress, so new features and content are still being added. But right now, you get crops like peanuts and asparagus, tools like a mortar and pestle or juicer, and recipes for items like sandwiches, juices, jellies, cheese wheels, salads, and more!

6. Cultural Delights

Sushi icons from the Cultural Delights Minecraft food mod
Image via Curseforge

Cultural Delights by NCP_Bails is another mod that adds onto Farmer’s Delight. However, this mod specifically adds recipes and food from various cultures. This one doesn’t have as many additions as the previous entry, but it’s also in progress, meaning that items are still being added. I also love the little icons for the recipes added. And why wouldn’t you want to make items like burgers, sushi, or burritos in Minecraft? Steve would probably enjoy more variety in his diet.

5. Create Confectionary

Chocolate building blocks that are available in the Create Confectionary Minecraft mod
Image via Curseforge

Create Confectionary by Furti_Two doesn’t just add food items that you can eat. You also get blocks made out of food, it adds building options like Chocolate Brick Stairs and Blocks. So, you could build a whole house out of chocolate if you wanted. There are also items that you can use for crafting sweets, like marshmallows, caramel, and chocolate candies. I have quite the sweet tooth, so I love the idea of building with chocolate in Minecraft. It’s also a creative take on food mods that lets you unleash your inner Willy Wonka. Just don’t make anything like the nightmare-fuel Glasgow Willy Wonka experience!

4. Pam’s HarvestCraft

Crop signs on a wall from the Pam's HarvestCraft Minecraft mod
Image via Curseforge

Pam’s HarvestCraft by pamharvestcraft adds crops, food, trees, and even new maps that you can use. It includes over 60 crops, a bunch of fruit trees, more fish to catch, and even beekeeping to the mix, and that’s just a portion of the over a thousand items that this mod brings to your game. If you only pick one mod from this list to add to your game, then this is a great option since you gain a lot of food options and it doesn’t require any other mods to function.

3. Croptopia

Collage of crops from the Croptopia Minecraft mod
Image via Curseforge

Croptopia by thethonk is completely food and farming focused. It doesn’t add as many items as Pam’s HarvestCraft, but that also makes it less overwhelming, making it perfect for those just dipping their toes in the Minecraft modding world. You still get plenty of options, though, with over 70 ground and tree crops and over 250 new food items that you can eat. There’s even a recipe for a guide book included in this mod that lets you see all the new food recipes you have access to! Overall, Croptopia is a solid mod for both farming and cooking food.

2. Cooking for Blockheads

Functional Minecraft Kitchen from the Cooking for Blockheads Minecraft mod
Image via Curseforge

Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth provides a lot of utility for cooking in Minecraft. You get a recipe book to help you figure out which ingredients you want to gather. Plus, it adds a functional kitchen that makes cooking feel like a smoother process. It also just makes your blocky little house that little bit more like a… blocky little home! As much as I love additional content, having mods that focus on adding utility can make a huge quality of life difference in any game.

1. Farmer’s Delight

Dining table full of food from the Farmer's Delight Minecraft mod
Image via Curseforge

Farmer’s Delight by vectorwing expands on both farming and cooking in Minecraft. You get extra recipes, but that’s not all. This mod adds a way to improve soil, a tool for scavenging resources, decorations, and new blocks and items. However, those additions aren’t what gets this mod the top spot. Multiple other mods that expand food and cooking options actually use Farmer’s Delight as a foundation, and a few of them are listed above. So, not only do you get the content from this mod, but you also have the basis to keep adding content onto it with more mods that use it!

And those are the top 10 best Minecraft cooking and food mods in March 2024 (version 1.20). If you want to continue adding content to your game, check out our guide hub for content like the best zombie apocalypse mods or the best magic mods.

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