Minecraft: How to Find Slime Chunks Without Seeds

Get your blocky hands on some Slimeballs by finding Slime chunks in Minecraft without using seeds!

Green slime blocks in a chunk of grass around yellow flowers in Minecraft.
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Slimes are one of the more elusive mobs in Minecraft. While they’re hostile, they don’t spawn like other monsters. This can make getting them difficult if you want to make more complex builds. In this guide, I’ll show you how to find slime chunks without seeds in Minecraft

Where to Find Slime Chunks in Minecraft 

You can look up various seeds lists to find slime chunks by the ton. However, you may want to find them a bit more organically. Or you like the current world you’re playing in but can’t find those darn Slimes to make that hidden door to your base. I’ve been there when trying to harvest Slimeballs. 

Minecraft Slimes spawn differently than other monsters. Slimes will only spawn below Y level 40 and only in certain chunks. A chunk is a 16 x 16 block area found anywhere in the game. You can check what chunk you’re in by pressing F3+G. To find chunk borders in Bedrock, show your coordinates. Coordinates on the edges of chunks are divisible by 16.

Alternatively, you can also find Slimes above ground, but only in swamps at night. Stay on the lookout for other dangerous mobs using this method to find chunks and get Slimeballs.

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How to Harvest Slime Chunks

Before you start looking for these chunks, there are some preparations to be made first. You’ll need a pickaxe, torches, and fences. Of course, you’ll need the pickaxe to dig and the torches to see. The gates will be used to mark off each chuck you come across. 

To find a Slime chunk, dig below Y level 40. Once there, double-check that you’re in a single chunk and not between two using F3+G or divisible coordinates. Start digging a 3×3 tunnel. Whenever I enter a new chunk, I like to place fences to mark them, though you can use other items like torches, for example.

Be sure to look behind yourself often to see if any Slimes have spawned. Once they do, they’ll be gated in the chunk that you’ve marked off. Congratulations! You finally have a way of finding those darn Slimes regularly. 

How to Use Chunkbase to Find Slime Chunks

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of digging a long tunnel until you find a Minecraft Slime chunk, there’s an easier way. The website Chunkbase allows you to enter your world seed and shows you the exact locations of Slime chunks. You can find your seed by pressing F3, the same way you can find the current chunk and location you’re in.

All Slimeball Recipes

Now that you can collect Slimeballs, here’s everything you can craft with them:

  • Slime Block: x9 Slimballs.
  • Sticky Piston: x1 Slimeball + x1 Piston.
  • Lead: x1 Slimeball + x3 String.
  • Magma Cream: x1 Slimeball + x1 Blaze Powder.

That’s how to find slime chunks without seeds in Minecraft. For more tips and tricks, check out our MC guides hub for topics such as the 10 best shaders and how to build an underground base.

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