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When you're traversing the wide world of Minecraft, slaying monsters and building castles, do you ever think such an amazing fantasy should look a bit more whimsical? The default textures are nice and clearly show the differences in materials in a way that's easy to remember, but they lack that fantastical oomph.

Fortunately, thousands of Minecraft's many, many mods are dedicated to solving this exact issue. To save you the time and effort of scrolling through dozens of pages, we've handpicked seven of the best looking texture packs Minecraft has to offer.

Adventure Time Craft


Inspired by the beloved television show Adventure Time, this texture pack emulates the simplistic art style that millions of fans know and love. Bold outlines and cartoon details give the world an extra sense of depth, and make it feel more alive.

To transport your world into the Land of Ooo, you can download this pack from Planet Minecraft.


Alvoria's Sanity


To add a touch of realism while remaining faithful to the original Minecraft textures, Alvoria adds some fine detail to give more depth to the blocks, and fine-tunes their colors to be more pleasing to the eye.

Download this pack on Minecraft Textures if you want a more high fantasy look for your world.


Cartoon Default Texture Pack


Based on the default textures, every block in this pack is immediately recognizable. The pack "uses the connecting textures mod to emulate cell shading" -- which means you can get your Borderlands on and have those sexy cel-shade style border lines defining the blocks in your world.

You can grab this pack on 9Minecraft.



With custom animations for both water and lava, custom colors, and the Connected Texture Mod, Isabella is a beautiful texture pack with deep colors and a melancholic theme for a more realistic and somber approach to Minecraft. This theme is great for players who prefer a more subdued color palette and realistic lighting.

You can get your hands on it over at Minecraft Forum.



Andre Jolicoeur Illustration

Do you like custom animations in your texture packs? Then the Jolicraft pack is for you!

Custom animations for water, lava, smoke, and explosions make this one of the most unique texture packs in Minecraft. It's also tweaked the colors, biomes, mobs, and HUD, so the texture pack is all-encompassing for a new experience.

Sphax PureBDcraft Pack


With a gorgeous cartoon style, PureBDcraft redesigns nearly every item and mob in the game. Monsters and animals are far more detailed and designed to resembled a comic book. And no matter what kind of PC you have, you can make this texture pack look amazing, as it runs in a variety of resolutions ranging from 16x to 512x.

You can join the pack's massive following by picking it up from the official BDcraft site.




Detailed and simplified at the same time, the Storyblock texture pack has a sprite-style reminiscent of classic video games and children's storybooks. NPCs, mobs, armors, and inventory items have all been overhauled to have a more high fantasy adventure theme -- and the pack works great for worlds focused on combat, exploration, and adventure in particular.

To upgrade your fantasy world, download this pack from Minecraft Forum.

From bright and cheerful to dark and somber, the vast collection of texture packs available for Minecraft can cater to any world and play style. No matter your tastes, you're bound to find something to suit your style -- and many of the packs are regularly updated to keep up with new blocks and features.

What do you think? Did we miss one of your favorite packs? Have you created a texture pack yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Published May. 13th 2017


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