EA Sports NCAA Football 2015: Uh, Not Happening

EA Sports will not be making another college football game under the NCAA license....does this signal the end of an era?

by 7 months ago

Uhhh, is this for real?! According to Cam Weber, GM of American Football for EA Sports, this will be the first time in 20 years that EA will not be releasing a college football game. You heard that right folks, there will not be a NCAA football game released next year. As of now, it's not happening.

Weber stated that this decision comes in light of still ongoing litigation and related business changes. Not only will EA not be publishing a new college football game, but they will hence forth be re-evaluating the future of the entire franchise.

Nothing to celebrate here unfortunately.

Weber wrote on the company blog,

[EA has been] stuck in the middle of a dispute between the NCAA and student-athletes who seek compensation for playing college football...we follow rules that are set by the NCAA – but those rules are being challenged by some student-athletes.  For our part, we are working to settle the lawsuits with the student-athletes.  Meanwhile, the NCAA and a number of conferences have withdrawn their support of our game.  The ongoing legal issues combined with increased questions surrounding schools and conferences have left us in a difficult position – one that challenges our ability to deliver an authentic sports experience, which is the very foundation of EA SPORTS games.

EA did mention back before all this ish hit the fan that losing their NCAA license would not mean a pause in the series, but that the next game in the franchise would not carry the association's name.

So if there is one light at the end of the tunnel, it's that the decision will not affect EA's commitment to NCAA Football 14. EA plans to do its best to keep developers from behind the NCAA series and just redistribute through the EA Sports label.

Does this signify the end of a franchise? On that note, how in the world has EA gotten this far without this happening? It's going to be a dark day for some one out there who happens to be a die hard fan of the franchise. Otherwise... I guess I'm going back to Madden.


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  • 53
    About 7 months ago,
    Rothalack (Staff Editor) said:
    That's... weird. Definitely never thought they'd stop making them. I assume they are at least going to keep making madden every single year forever though.
  • 28
    About 6 months ago,
    GirlGoneGaming (Contributor) said:
    I'm not super surprised considering the lawsuit the student athletes brought against EA was particularly nasty last time I checked. It is going to be kind of weird since they made one of these things practically every year I have been alive. I would be interested to know how Madden has avoided this same issue though!
  • 53
    About 6 months ago,
    Rothalack (Staff Editor) said:
    It probably all comes down too college athletes can't get paid, the NFL players in Madden get a nice chunk of cash for being in the game.
  • 28
    About 6 months ago,
    GirlGoneGaming (Contributor) said:
    I guess that's true, unless you count all of the scholarship money and flashy incentives they get to convince them too play in most cases. At my university they literally get 'stipends' large enough to cover tuition and mopeds, so even if they are justified in their lawsuit in the back of my mind I'm thinking (well it's not like you're not getting anything...-cough cough-) From what I've read of the lawsuit, they were mostly upset because they weren't getting their cut. But then again EA should have probably known better
  • 1
    About 4 months ago,
    Jimazz said:
    Thanks to the greedy punk from Ucla. Broke ass with no NBA career screwed it over for millions to put a few thoussnd in his pocket for drugs