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Why Post on GameSkinny?

  • Wondering why you should spend your precious time posting on GameSkinny?

    Here's why: 

    Publishing great stuff online isn't hard anymore.
    ... Being heard is.


    There is so much content online now that personal blogs, YouTube videos, in-depth forum posts... They're getting lost, overlooked, drowned out.

    The only people reaching an audience are:

    • Pros with the resources to clamber into the spotlight, or
    • Ridiculously, crazy lucky. (We're as annoyed by Justin beiber as anyone else, but there's no denying that any kid who makes 110 million dollars because their mom posts some home videos to YouTube is pretty lucky.)

    We think that's lame

    Both Justin Bieber, and how hard it is for passionate, intelligent folks like you to have your opinion heard, shared, discovered and discussed. 

    So we made GameSkinny

    A publishing platform we built from the ground up that does a few very specific things, and does them very well: 

    1. Gives you a place to create a game writing portfolio
    2. Gives great content exposure to an audience
    3. Gives serious contributors a chance to improve their skills though on-site info, tutorials, and interaction with GameSkinny Editors.

    Anyone can post Videos, Slideshows, or Articles here.

    Or heck, even an article with a slideshow full of videos. And that would be pretty rad.

    So there ya have it. It's that simple. Give GameSkinny a try. We think you'll like it.

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