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by 4 months ago

Thursday and Friday of last week, I sat down with the WildStar and drove 250+ victims through hours of beta play. We looked at PVP, character creation and basic leveling.

Though there were many requests, and housing is certainly still on the way, one piece of content I wanted to get out after server maintenance was emotes.

These were highly requested, and lucky you, I don't talk over any of them (except for the intro). However, it is important to note that some of them don't have audio yet, and some of them don't have animations. Things like /wink and /flirt don't have animations. /Dance wasn't animated when I made these, but will be added in once they're complete.




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  • 20
    About 4 months ago,
    Proto Foe (Featured Contributor) said:
    I was one of those victims. I lived it, I loved it, and I want more!
  • 1
    About 4 months ago,
    Angerina said:
    Mordesh laughter is the BEST XD
  • 13
    About 4 months ago,
    Chris Coccaro (Featured Contributor) said:
    Fun beta. Picked Aurin, loved the mechanical Deku tree.
  • 1
    About 4 months ago,
    Gaffer said:
    Nice compilation, haven't seen anyone record all these yet.
  • 1
    About 4 months ago,
    Jaedia_7514 said:
    These feel a little bit static, surprisingly, though the Aurin female aren't too bad, which is what I'll be playing so all good!

    Thanks for recording these. :D