9 Stellar CS:GO Streamers That You Need to Sub to On Twitch

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Video games have become an important player in today’s pop culture, as millions of people are not only playing video games, but also watching them online.

Gamers rely on streamers when they want to improve their gaming skills or when they simply wish to have fun and laugh along with a charismatic streamer going crazy after landing the round-winning 360° no-scope headshot. Whew! That's just awesome.  

Anyway, one of the most popular games in online streaming is Counter Strike: Global Offense, which consistently occupies the top three rank of Twitch. If you are a fan of CS: GO and are looking for streamers to follow to either up your game or catch some killer action, then we have picked nine streamers that you must subscribe to on Twitch -- right now.

Grab your popcorn and let the round commence.   

Published Dec. 18th 2016

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