9 Stellar CS:GO Streamers That You Need to Sub to On Twitch

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A newcomer to Twitch, Diamon is 25 years old and has been playing video games for 18 of those years. On a professional level, he has already competed for the following teams:

  • VATGaming
  • Universal Soldiers
  • Imperium Gamers
  • Heroes Team

Although he remains without a team for 2017, he hopes to deliver good content on Twitch to entertain his audience and hopefully return to the professional gaming scene very soon. 


Video game streaming continues to grow and this scenario offers to players a powerful tool to learn from those who wish to pass their knowledge forward. 

Even if you are not looking for a serious time and just want to enjoy some frantic action, there is a streamer for you on Twitch.

Published Dec. 18th 2016

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