New League of Legends Chroma Packs Have Some Fans Up In Arms

Ever wanted to change the colors of your favorite League of Legends champions or their snazzy skins? Soon you can - but it'll cost you.

Riot recently announced that they would be testing Chroma Packs - bundles of alternative colors for champions and skins - in their next PBE (public beta environment) update, and while fans of the popular MOBA were excited for the new option, the announced price point left many feeling a bit disgruntled.

According to Riot's announcement, these new chroma packs will come in bundles of three chromas each that will modify the colors of a champion's base outfit or one of their skins, and will cost 590 Riot Points (RP), or just under $5 USD. Some players have protested the price in the comments, however, saying a simple recoloring shouldn't set them back so much.

Several have drawn a comparison between League of Legends' chroma packs and Blizzard MOBA Heroes of the Storm, where players are rewarded with alternate colors for playing the same hero multiple times and leveling them up with experience. With Riot's plans to bring Champion Mastery to the game, they argue, chroma packs should be offered as prizes for the anticipated new champion-leveling system.

Would you pay the RP to recolor your favorite champion or skin? How do you think League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm compare overall? Sound off in the comments!


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Published Apr. 19th 2015

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