"Honor the Fallen" with Legacy Skins on Sale to Commemorate Omega Squad Teemo

"We ain't all makin' it outta here." A handful of Legacy skins are available for a limited time, but hurry - you only have until April 13th.

War is hell, and no one knows that better than Omega Squad Teemo - except, perhaps, those who fell before him.

This week, to honor the fallen, Riot is having a sale on Legacy skins to commemorate the release of Omega Squad Teemo. For a limited time, players of League of Legends can purchase skins that were previously retired.

Until April 13th, you can buy all of the following thirteen Legacy skins in the Casualties of War bundle at 50% off - that's 6,126 Riot points (RP), or 10,409 RP if you don't yet have the champions:

  • Matador Alistar
  • Crimson Akali
  • Pharoah Amumu
  • Caterpillar Kog'Maw
  • Safari Caitlyn
  • Toxic Dr. Mundo
  • Shamrock Malphite
  • Firefighter Tristana
  • Scuba Gragas
  • Alien Invader Heimerdinger
  • Red Riding Annie
  • Sailor Gangplank
  • Red Baron Corki

Never forget the fallen - Omega Squad Teemo won't.

There's no Helmet Bro in the bundle, despite Teemo's shout-out to him in the Omega Squad interactive promo, but don't be too disappointed - throughout the week, individual legacy skins will also be on sale for 33% off.

Not interested in the Casualties of War? Still want to give your champions a new look? Riot has you covered - there's also a sale featuring these legacy skins and offering the chance to pick up a few existing champions on the cheap - each of the following are 50% off, also until April 13:

  • Rune Wars Renekton - currently 487 RP
  • Little Knight Amumu - currenly 375 RP
  • Uncle Ryze - currently 260 RP
  • Yasuo - currently 487 RP
  • Rumble - currently 440 RP
  • Mordekaiser - currently 395 RP

And if you're in the mood for the newer, darker Teemo, you can pick up his Omega Squad Skin for 1820 RP, or just get his icon for 250 RP.

Are you planning to buy any of the legacy skins? What are your thoughts on Omega Squad Teemo? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Apr. 11th 2015

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