Metroid Fusion Morphs Over to Switch Online + Expansion Pack Next Week

Metroid Fusion will join the growing list of GBA games on Nintendo Switch online on March 9, 2023.

After adding Game Boy Advance games to Nintendo Switch online just a few weeks ago, Nintendo is beefing up its offering of retro titles with an absolute classic of a game. Metroid Fusion will be made available as part of the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service on March 9, 2023, for subscribers. With this, the entire 2D Metroid series will be playable on Switch.

Released one day before Metroid Prime back in 2002, Metroid Fusion is a continuation of Super Metroid and follows Samus on her journey to the planet SR388. Upon landing there, she encounters the mysterious SA-X parasite, which winds up binding itself to her suit and creating an evil clone hellbent on destroying her.

In a tense struggle, you'll need to evade the SA-X while also getting to the bottom of the remaining Metroid threat on this new planet. It's an excellent game that continues the grand tradition of previous Metroid titles by giving players tons of upgrades to discover and secrets to find.

With any luck, Nintendo will be adding Metroid Zero Mission to Switch online in the near future. A remake of the original game, many consider it to be the best game in the series and it is an absolute must-play for fans.


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Published Mar. 2nd 2023

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