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Not everybody plays games for story.  And as a result, ludology vs narratology is one of the hottest debates in gaming.  And to be fair, a lot of games tell some pretty crappy and/or cliched stories, and sadly a lot of them are actually trying.  However, there have been some legitimately great stories that have come from the interactive entertainment medium and in many ways their impact is best felt as a video game.  

These games were chosen on the basis, of not only the quality of the narrative, but how well the story utilizes the mechanics of the interactive medium.  I think it goes without saying that massive story-ruining spoilers follow.  Here are the Top 10 stories in video games.

Published Jun. 12th 2015
  • Martin Zverina
    You put Minecraft to the list, but not Mass Effect or Dragon Age?
  • Daniel R. Miller
    Featured Contributor
    I left off Mass Effect and Dragon Age mainly due to the fact that the way their narratives are constructed are variations on the fundamentals that Knights of the Old Republic laid down (which is why Knights is on the list). In general (with the exception of Half-life and Portal whose tones are radically different) I tried not to include games made by the same companies, as they have a tendency to do a lot of the same things.

    Minecraft is on the list because of the way it tells a story without explicity telling you one, in the form that the game is built in such a way that the player naturally tells themselves one. These fundamentals have been emulated by a lot of the Survival games you see on Early Access, which makes it very significant to the industry at large.
  • Pip Simon
    Featured Contributor
    Very nice choices!
  • Daniel R. Miller
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks! It was tough to leave out some great games though.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Bioshock Infinite is like an average Doctor Who episode. Maybe one with the cat nuns.

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